23.09.13 - Reverence + Dividium, Down The Machine, Teras

Monday 23rd September

Reverence + Dividium, Down The Machine, Teras 

O'Rileys, Hull

It's not often, that I get to indulge in a slice of classic live NHWOBHM, especially in Hull. So of course, I was pretty excited to see Reverence on their current UK tour. If there was ever a gig to crack out the denim and leather at - it was this one! Or at least, I arrived with that expectation. However, it wasn't the music at O'Rileys tonight that had the audience talking. 

Teras were the first band to kick off tonight's proceedings, to a disappointingly small audience I might add. Though the lack of bodies didn't deter Teras from giving it their best. The band are terrifying blend of thrash and death metal, clearly drawing influences  from the likes of Damageplan and Testament. I've seen them a few times, and they've been nothing short of generic for me. I wasn't a fan of their untimely, gutteral vocals either. The short plethora of songs they played seem to bleed from the same structure, asides from their cover of Pantera's classic 'Cowboys From Hell'. They gave it a good shot! I was particularly impressed with guitarist Jack - he's a strong player, albeit a little sloppy in places. Teras are a promising bunch of musicians, but in order to make waves, they need to step it up! 

Next up, were Leeds rockers Down The Machine, a band I'm ashamed to say that I'd never heard of before this evening. At least by now, there was a fairly decent turnout to appreciate them. I was pleasantly surprised to hear they were a smooth amalgamation of both classic and contemporary hard rock, with a belting vocalist. They seemed to slot neatly in to the same nichĂ© as Seether and Alter Bridge, low key verses followed by anthemic, soaring choruses and plenty of groove. A highly enjoyable act and I'll definitely be seeing them again. 

After a switch up in the running order, the mighty Reverence took to the stage, and exploded straight in to a classic metal frenzy - at that moment it could have been 1986 in O'Rileys, if you ignore the abundance of smart phones and apathy. I don't know what it is about classic power metal that gives me a sense of belonging, but either way it made Reverence a hell of a lot more enjoyable. That, and watching Bryan Holland of Tokyo Blade was fairly cool, too. 

Reverence sped through a set of hard hitting, high octane numbers that gushed nostalgia, including their singles 'Too Late'  and 'Bleed for Me'. It was just a shame that not enough people in the room were old enough to get it, or me. Unfortunately, the combination of a few factors meant tonight's show would suffer in numbers, though the select crowd that did turn up had a great time, and Reverence went down spectacularly. Another band I hope to see again. 

Lastly, local prog heads Dividium took to the stage, for their highly anticipated debut gig. They had the largest crowd of the evening of course, and after letting O'Rileys know exactly who they are, kicked in to a cantankerous set of tracks from their album. Things were a little shaky in places, however their sound, and outlook is made clear. I've seen Dividium vocalist Neil perform countless times; the man has enough energy to run the entire show. Dividium's debut was exactly as it should have been - rough, and brimming with competence. They can also revel in the fact that they were the sound track to the comeuppance of one monumental pain the music scene's arse. 

Benny Jenner - 'manager', 'promoter', wanker. 

All in all, tonight's show wasn't anything to write home about, but it didn't need to be. If you want to come out, watch some fantastic bands and meet some genuine, hard working individuals who share the same passion for music as you - O'Rileys was THE place to be this evening. It was actually one of the strongest and most diverse line-ups I'm yet to see there, and I hope for many, many more. If you're ever just, passing through Hull - do be sure to visit. What we lack in interest, we make up for in character you will not find anywhere else. 

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