Neuronspoiler - Emergence Review

By Shane Douthwaite

Allow me to introduce you to Neuronspoiler; a sonic assault of the senses.

Coming together from four different countries, this UK-based quintet have produced a sensational sound combining the power of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal with the technical ability of Dream Theater.

Their debut full-length album, Emergence, is an hour-long ascendancy through the ethos to the Temple of the Metal Gods. Their take on the classic 80s sound is so warming, it’s like bumping in to an old friend and discovering that they still remember your secret handshake.

The amount of talent displayed on this record is almost immeasurable; JR’s impressive vocal range and tone are unmatched by most singers I know and the Double Dave’s (both guitarists are called Dave) brand of Petrucci-esque duel soloing leaves the mind boggled as well as truly scrambled.

Tying up this rabble of metal maniacs is a rhythm section more than worthy of equal appraisal. Erick’s bass talents shine through in strategically placed snippets; my favourite being an intricate bass line cleverly brought up in the mix during the guitar harmony on Never Back Down.

Drummer, Tim provides beats and rhythms for all occasions; each strike of a cymbal or a drum is well thought out and purposeful, this man is certainly not a one-trick pony.

My favourite track on the album is Invincible Man. Starting with JR taking a deep breath as if in preparation, then a drum beat similar to Saxon’s Denim and Leather. The track then builds up around the beat with the bass followed by the guitars remaining at a mid tempo until the chorus where JR kicks the track into overdrive with a huge vocal display.

Other stand out tracks are the lead single Through Hell We March, NWOBHM rocker Exempt From Privilege, 7 minute epic Dying Worlds, and the fist pumping anthem Never Back Down.

Put this album on and let the towering solos and soaring vocal lines guide you to a higher plain of existence, away from the turmoil of modern day society, where air guitar and fist pumping are mandatory, involuntary actions.

Every self-respecting rocker owes it to him/herself to own this album.

Devil Horn Rating: \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/