(N) Press Release: UK's Neuronspoiler Release New Album

Multi-national UK based Neuronspoiler's powerhouse new album, 'Emergence', is out now. Critics are describing it as "Riff-laden hard & heavy music, with decent melodies, great performances and lots of attitude".
The band have just released new single and music video for song 'Through Hell We March' to accompany their debut album.
Produced by Guillermo "Will" Maya (The Answer, Breed 77, Panic Cell, Adrian Smith) Emergence combines the fist-pumping strength of heavy metal, the taste and feel of classic rock and the headbanging precision of thrash. Neuronspoiler's brand of no-rules heavy metal finds the perfect balance between the traditional and the modern.
Neuronspoiler’s five members have come together from far and wide, drawn from four different countries to the birth place of metal: ready to make their own mark on the legendary British rock and metal scene.
Their previous release, the ep 'No One’s Safe' was released to positive reactions from fans and critics all over the world.