We Are Carnivores - Carnival EP Review

By Danielle Partis

So, I've had this EP for a while, and I've been meaning to review it for a while also. It's been sat on my desk, staring me in the face, I even attached a sticky note to it with 'REVIEW ME' written on it, in an Alice in Wonderland-esque fashion. In fact it's been there so long, I'd actually forgotten what 'We are Carnivores' sounded like. All I had to work with was that I quite obviously liked them. With there being so many different bands out there, I rarely re-discover something. It either goes in to the 'They were good' part of my mind, or the 'They weren't so good.' part after the first listen. The Carnivores are firmly rooted in the former. So I sat down with a Pepsi, and got to it. 

This cute little CD opens with 'Carnivals' , it feels so bitchy! Very reminiscent of early pop punk bands, like a cleaner sounding starting-out Fall Out Boy. The production's very well done, this could easily be a CD recorded by a more established band - or a band with lots of money to pay for a good producer - but either way, I've made the point that it's great. I'm quite fond of the gang chant in the middle too. I do love a good chant. My one quarm with this was that the solo was the tiniest bit sloppy on a few notes. It wasn't even noticeable to the naked ear, but I had to pick at something, right? 

The abrupt ending of Carnivals takes us straight into 'Missing Resonance', slowing the pace a bit, but not dangerously so that it starts to sound dull. The chorus to this is like audical Noro virus, I found myself mumbling 'To amplify this miseryyyyyyyyy' while doing innocuous household tasks for days after hearing it. In fact,  lyrically this may be my favourite track on the EP. It's a real head mover! The vocals are all really well recorded too; backing harmonies are sometimes a nightmare to get right but these guys have nailed it. 

'Bitten', didn't impress me as much as the track above, but it was still just as infectious. There was a refreshing change of pace in the form of a cheeky bass solo, leading in to a fantastic hard rock break down. It genuinely sounded like someone had muted the band for 8 bars and allowed Black Stone Cherry to just wander in and start playing. It probably wasn't intended that way but it worked - I enjoyed it! This style of music can, (not saying it is) but can become very repetitive and a bit of a snooze fest, so it's awesome that WAC are mixing it up a bit. 

The next track is probably the reason I took a shine to the band in the first place. The fourth track 'Master Baiter' *pause for reaction* is a charming, yet malicious little track, apparently written from the perspective of a promiscuous individual who's a bit skilled at luring the opposite sex, but is secretly really lonely, hence the titles. Or it might not be, who knows. I liked that this track was a bit darker and heavier than the rest of the EP; and it's probably my favourite for that aspect alone. Because I'm so metal, excetera. The vocals are grittier on the track too - especially during the chorus, and 'You can't see the real me.' I'd quite like to see some heavier stuff like this from them in the near future, it definitely works.

Alas, the EP comes to its close a little too quickly, with the final track 'Genius'.  Lyrically, this track feeds my inner cynic gluttonous amounts of self disbelief and failure. Fantastic. Just what I wanted to hear! The riffs on this are the heaviest they've gotten throughout the whole EP, all played and recorded brilliantly. This track has a really full sounding chorus; if there was a point on the EP for the band to make themselves stand out, that was it. I loved everything about it. Even the screams! We won't get in to my thoughts on screams. 

The Carnivores have got the art of lyricism nailed like a Russian whore. What makes them stand out is what will inevitably make them relatable. Another winner was the fact they went to the lengths of printing out a nice lyric booklet to go with the EP. After receiving one too many shitey albums in plastic wallets with NO thought whatsoever, it was lovely to see! Soon they will write a line, and that  become their staple. The line they get printed on the back of shirts, the one people will write across their cleavages and foreheads in sharpie when they are playing with the big leagues. If the band carry on like they are now, I can proudly say I will be wearing that line, even if it happens to be 'Partis is a twat.' So be it. You'll be helping us both! 

And then it ends, on the line 'I'm Waiting'. Well, now so am I, you dicks! For me the EP gets better and better as it goes along, and The Carnivores have left me in intense anticipation for what they've got left in them. Considering they formed in February 2012, and had this EP recorded and out there in a matter of months, demonstrates they're a tight, committed, well rehearsed band with talent by the ton. The EP is an impeccable display of what they have to offer, however I feel that the band have yet to unleash their full capability. Either way, I'll look forward to what they have to offer in the near future. If you have the ability to open your mind to softer, thoughtful material that conveys feelings, then get yourselves down to a We Are Carnivores show and get yourself this EP. A certifiably promising band if ever I heard one!  

Devil Horn rating: \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ 

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