(N) Torn the Fuck Apart - The Dissection of Christ Review

By Pagan Tordengrav

In the band’s own words:    

“Since the formation of Kansas City’s - Torn the Fuck Apart in late 2004, the band has been busy ripping people’s faces off with a relentless onslaught of brutality. With the release of 2006’s E.P “Skinned Alive” and consistent touring, the band gained many loyal followers. In July 2009 they released their first full length album, "Gods of Gore" and embarked on a US tour with metal veterans Monstrosity in support of it. They have continued to perform regularly around the Midwest during the past three years while writing and recording their follow up album, "...The Dissection of Christ” which was released in April 2012. Check them out online to see when and where you can catch Torn the Fuck Apart devastate a stage near you!”

I loved what the band listed as Influences as “Anything that kicks you in the fucking face!” It just about sums this band up in one sentence really. You don’t really need me to tell you that these guys are death metal heads you only have to look at the titles to know that, all showcasing their pure hatred of religion – and who can blame them? But I am not going to get on my soap box and start preaching to the already converted.

This is one mutha of a CD it looks great with its gore-intense cover, blood, guts, you name it; and more importantly it sounds even better!

God’s Blood turned Black

This track will smother you in brutal beats so much that by the time you have finished listening you will have bruises over every inch of your body without even being near a mosh pit! The scalding vocals will burn your brains out and leave them like pulp, whilst the gnarly guitar riffs speed into action and will leave a trail of utter destruction. Both dynamic and intricate this is one metal track which is compelling and deadly!

Father of Filth

“You see you can’t just go around fucking boys in the street, people get mad! So what we do is we build churches around the world and tell people they got to come there to pray – give us their money or they will go straight to hell! – Now that gives us the authority and the gravitas to control their lives, most importantly to give us their young boys so we can educate them – feed them – and ultimately fuck ‘em in the ass and face” Are the words nonchalantly spoken on this track. It is a really brutal and ferocious piece of music that indeed tells a sad depressing story.

The Dissection of Christ

“Do you realize what this means? That you are no longer content with hearing your awful music and looking at photos of their horrific faces, now you want to see the devil in the flesh! You want to reach out and touch pure evil!!!” Says the ramblings of a hysterical woman... the blast beats continue to tell the story along with pure evil, gargled vocals that are both savage, and low-end in delivery take on a very definitive sense amid a screeching vicious guitar riff that would wake the dead!

Our Serpent Saviour

Speedy riffage with pitiless blast beats just conquer amid violent and severe barrage of growled vocals. So good I am literally drooling as I have my mouth open at the ferocity of the said track. A brief respite starts up before things turn even more aggressive, but within the track is great melody and rhythm.

Bashed in Prophets

“Open your eyes and look at what you did, (Sobbing) “Look or I will cut your eye lids right off your face.” This famous Dexter (TV’s serial killer killer) quote lends an extremely brutal and savage feel to the song before the music has even started! True to form; the intensity of ferocious rhythms and harsh vocals come into play here and will tear your whole face off let alone your eye lids!

Purgatorium (Instrumental)

This track however, does slow to reveal some really sophisticated riffs and powerful drum beats before finishing and merging with the next track – superbly done and a great instrumental.

Dead Religion

“You are 100% sure that after you die you’ll go to a better place? - “I know I will be with God, I will be with Jesus!” - “And that’s a better place?” “Errrm!”  Indeed a good question! And one the band have documented well on this austere track. More unembellished blast beats, heavy dark riffs and an uncompromising ascetic vocal – that tells it like it is! With a great melodious breakdown that holds sheer intensity fires fast and serious.

Decapitated Disciples

Nice chugging riffs and subsonic guttural vocals create this masterpiece with grim unnerving consequences. If the harsh and unrelenting vocals touched your skin they would leave festering blisters! A monster of a track!

Crucifixion Infection

A car radio bursts into action with some country type singing until rudely interrupted by some scornful vocals that sound like they are coming from the bowels of hell. Building deranged rhythms and scathing hammering beats continues to mock the afflicted with resounding precision. Like a police battering ram on a junkie’s front door!

Angels Decayed in Dust

“I don’t believe in heaven, I believe in pain, I believe in fear, I believe in death!” These words are spoken to the sound of a howling wind until a ferocious array of hammering synchronized beats that take over with compelling rigidity whilst the vocals are putrid and menacing – as you would expect, we are talking death metal here, but Torn the Fuck Apart have mastered the art to perfection. The breakdowns of melodious splendour on this track; are just immense and will leave you mesmerized at the ferocity contained within it.

This album will tear you apart make no mistake about it. It rubs salt into the wounds of religion and fears death not! It is the whole package – I so urge all you death metallers to check this album out – Although it is nothing new to the death metal scene it will not fail to make a dirty big impression on your mind and leaves your soul crying for mercy holding a viciousness all its own and breeding a certain ruthlessness into your very being.

So if you like your metal rough, with sprinklings of cruelty then this is one album you need to shove in your ever growing CD collection – Do it! And be Torn the Fuck Apart! If on the other hand you are a bit on the anally retentive side then this will not be your crate of Jaeger and I suggest you go loosen up a bit!

Highly recommended listening!

Devil Horn Rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/