(N) Press Release: Sacred Steel Unveil New Track

German heavy metal masters Sacred Steel have posted a brand new song off their upcoming album, The Bloodshed Summoning. The track, entitled No God/No Religion  (listen to it HERE), shows that this time around Sacred Steel are incorporating a more  thrash-tinged and aggressive brand of metal. Sacred Steel were founded in 1996 and became the first ever German band to sign to Metal Blade Records.

The Bloodshed Summoning will be the band’s eighth album and their first since Carnage Victory (2009); it is currently scheduled for release on February 16th via Cruz Del Sur Music.  As well as the standard compact disc with three bonus tracks (including a Misfits cover), the album will also be available as limited edition vinyl and digital formats. The Bloodshed Summoning has received rave reviews:

"Sacred Steel always had more melodic elements than a lot of their peers, and with The Bloodshed Summoning, they continue their melodic ways, but make no mistake about it, Sacred Steel is all about the riffs."  - Wicked Channel

"SS have created a solid and effective album that won't disappoint those of you out there that feed from many stylistic troughs." - Worm Gear Zine

"In a nutshell, SACRED STEEL became fiercer and unrelenting with a cracking production on this charming orchestrated horror show. Fusing elements of Thrash Metal into their old pattern made this release a cause of interest and there are examples to prove that, yet even so, the Thrash elements remained under the same level." - Metal-Temple.com