(N) Release: Jungle Rot to Re-Issue Skin the Living

Jungle Rot are to re-issue their newly re-mastered 1996 classic, Skin the Living. The re-issue, coming February 19th 2013, is available to pre-order now through the Victory Records’ webstore.

Front man Dave Matrise comments: “We’ve wanted to re-issue Skin the Living for some time now and are happy that we have that opportunity. I still feel this album stands up to the test of times. Night after night on the road we hear fans screaming out the songs from the release, asking us to play and constantly asking us where they can pick up Skin the Living. This will give everyone a chance to see where it all started for J-Rot and they will have a chance to own a rare piece.”

Since their inception in 1994, Jungle Rot has been solidifying their spot as major players in the death metal scene; proving the quality of their production matched their live performance. They signed to Victory Records in April 2011 and shortly after released Kill on Command, regarded as some of their heaviest material to date. They integrated slow stomp melodies into their thrash style; and brought the band back to their death metal roots. Their years of hard work landed them on tours with many death metal legends such as Obituary, Decide, Entombed, Six Feet Under, GoatWhore, Cattle Decapitation and more.