Deletreus - From Shadow Review

By Aaron Bainbridge

Deletreus are a Heavy Metal band hailing from Sheffield signed with Parabox Records, mixing classic Thrash with that vanilla Heavy Metal feel to give birth to something quite special and unique,

At 224 likes on their Facebook page you wouldn't be expecting too much, but that number is completely out of sync with how tapered and solid this band really is. They've been together since 2008 and it really shows, do you doubt it? Well I've got their second album to plough through here so read on fucker!

From Shadow
What can I say? These buggers got me at the first verse, immediately I was lifted off my feet by some really heavy and overall tight riffage! Memories of early Iron Maiden come to mind but faster, more chaotic, and almost, dare I say it? a bit bloodthirsty. The guitar work has obviously had some work put into it, these aren't minute-made riffs we're dealing with either, they're fast, paced and their delivery is solid, it's a combination of Thrash Metal with flicks and pinches of classic British Hard Rock, you can't help but appreciate it. The lyrics and dissemination of the vocals from Shaun are powerful and delivered well, but sometimes a tad lack of passion shows, and everything bleeds together to become a little generic. Despite this, the song has clearly had the effort put in and it's worthy of praise!

Corruption of Faith
I was a bit surprised by the slow build up, given the genre, but it worked well and felt good towards the end. It's like sex with an older woman, you're confused, it shouldn't feel right, but by the time you're finished you'll be lighting up a cigarette and smirking as Deal or No Deal comes on.


The slow build up pans out to really set the stage for the song in the long run and the contrast between the ever-flowing solos with that chugging background support adds a good level of depth to the song. The verses are thick with that classic feel of Thrash Metal and the song flows well, the drums are also well put together to give a good combination. My only qualm is that the song starts leaning a bit towards an instrumental more often than not, but given it's style and the way it develops, it feels alright, it reminds me slightly of Iced Earth's style, those little breaks for the music to come through more and bloom, good show chaps.

Never Too Late
Oh you bastards! You knew I loved melodious intros! I think you made it like that on purpose so I'd praise you;

"Haha the fat blonde-prick'll drool over this"

Well drool I did, this song outdid the previous two for me, the riffs have a more defined feel to them, they're slower and although the experience is still a thrashy one, there's just a feel of more going on, the bass from Glyn comes through deliciously and gives the song a bit of a sombre atmosphere, but fits oh so well. The song also abruptly quietens down towards the midway point and suddenly picks up again slowly gaining pace and then the chug-fest begins. Solos up your rear-end, the drumming picks up fantastically and you're just along for the ride, loving every minute might I add? It even throws in some flicks of prog, awesome!

Dying Wish
What a title eh? Explosive drumming here right from the get-go, this is like 'foil in the microwave' explosive, except you don't leave with 3rd degree burns and lacking a microwave.

Do you guys microwave your Pot Noodles? I do sometimes, speeds up the process a lot but I always end up with it being hotter than the Sun. It's like FUCK MICROWAVE, YOU ONLY HAD ONE I was saying the drumming just feels a bit more powerful on this one, but it's a nice upheaval, sets the tone a bit more y'know?

In a nutshell this song is a nice filler for me, and not in a bad way, It has elements from the previous 3 songs but seems more like a ballad in a way, it's thrashy as usual and hits all the sweet spots but comes across differently, almost calmly in a way, the guitar work is solid and the solos are complex but not too self gratifying, I have to praise Shaun and Gaz's effort here as well, good job boys.

Twists and Turns
Wow, this one's a real rollercoaster of raw power, from start to finish I enjoyed it's speed and most of all it's unrelenting flow. The title isn't wrong here, it actually gives you a feeling of twisting and turning, get it? Get it? You totally didn't get it.

The guitar work is pretty brutal here as well, props to Gaz for this one, there's some serious shred going on and the bass supports it well, although hard to hear at points. The vocals are well suited to the speed and the drumming as usual is tight and sounding crisp.

Seconds please! Om nom nom.

Devil Take Me
For some reason the quality on the intro of this track doesn't match the rest of the song, it sounds slightly muffled, whether this was desired may be another thing all together though, regardless, it's a well constructed song, it seeps with that thrashy wildness that permeates through the majority of these guys' creations. It also does a good job of keeping you entertained and deserves at least a second listen through to fully appreciate everything that's going on. The solos are quite special on this one, very complicated, other than that though, it does fall under the category of 'filler' to me. I was slightly disappointed, though once again it's worthy of praise and is fairly unique given nature of the album.

Night of Broken Glass
Good pacing, I say it a lot right? You're sat there thinking JESUS, AARON! TELL US SOMETHING NEW!

Well okay, did you know good pacing can make or break a metal song? No?

Well it can, and this song's a good example, the pacing is gorgeously spread out, it keeps the same basic tempo and when it wants to speed it up or slow it down, everyone goes with it in perfect timing and combined with the skill on hand here; it's a brutal combination!
Thrashy with a side of rock and even some nimble melody here, the vocals actually really impressed me too, Shaun and even Gaz just come across more passionately and it really pays off when combined with the ambience the song oozes with. You're giving me a case of the feels dudes!

Red Venom
A very nice intro with this bad boy and it leads onto a really satisfying descending onslaught of riffage!

Sadly the guitar feels slightly tacked on here though, like it's tagging along for the ride, it only really shines through in the descending portions of the song and in a solo towards the end. However it's fast, wild and just what you'd expect to hear, so I still enjoy this one. As a side note; the lyrics are really well thought out too! They had me humming along at one point, so it's not all sour grapes and sweatbands!

What a cool title as well? It might seem trivial but sometimes I can't help but smile when I see a song titled like that, very bold and pretty metal!

Low Life
You let me down Shaun, I thought we had something special! That house in the canaries? It means nothing to me now, take the hamster and leave!

I'm kidding, the vocals on this one are actually spot on, they started off slightly lackluster  but really picked up well once the song got going, the backing vocals are a nice touch and well played here too, lyrics are interesting and overall it's fun to listen to! The guitar does suffer from a bit of 'heard it before' syndrome which is a shame, sometimes in Thrash Metal this is understandable but it became more and more obvious as this song went on, however these lads do the job and they do it amiably!

My only complaint other than the generic feel to the guitar work is that the song felt like it had ended pretty abruptly, I was actually waiting for more, but nonetheless, a well constructed piece of music! I also want my hamster back.

I want to start by getting this out of the way, the drums at the start of this track actually sound 'Hollow'.....Were they going for that? for the sake of review I'm going to say they were, because it's a nice touch!

A lot of things are going on in this track, the guitar work is speedy but has a hint of whimsy in there which just enriches the experience throughout the verses, the drumming from Liam is constant and undying, it's quite simple but effective and acts as a solid support for the rest of the song, the vocals while basic, come through crisp and I didn't struggle to hear what was being sung, once again though, the song only lasted just over 2 minutes, I really felt like more could have been done with the material present!

Slow to start and a bit shaky, but after 6 seconds it all comes together nicely. Defiance reminds me a lot of From Shadow, it seeps with that hard rock feel that mixes so well with their thrashy metal vibes. "It feels like fuckin' Iron Maiden dude!"

The guitar is admirable on this one; no lie. Some nice work has gone in from both Shaun and Gaz and I really have to commend them both for not only singing but also chugging away respectively, it really shows in this one and towards the end of the song I felt really satisfied with how it turned out. The drums and bass kept the support up well too, good show old chaps! Hats off etc.

End of Days
You're doing it again aren't you?

"Come on lads, let's leave him awestruck for the last song"

Well you did it again, this last song proves that these guys are really thinking about the music they're playing, it's slow, it's brooding and it's gentle, the vocals are really something special and Shaun's skill comes through something special. The guitar work is soft but smooth and the drums are solid but not over the top, the bass shines through too as a solid pillar, filling the gaps and oozing out over them. A slow, melodic, proggy song with bursts of thrashy rock permeating the outer edges, it really feels like the end of days, but their take on it.

Great send off lads, I appreciated you leaving this until last, it wouldn't feel right anywhere else.

In conclusion, I'm quite impressed, it's surprising to see a thrashy Metal band this tight and well put together, not being bigger. They really deserve more attention. I have a few minor issues with the lead vocalist and a few qualms with the guitars becoming generic in places, but I can't deny Deletreus's skill for delivery and their sheer overall ability in the genre they're in. Shaun the lead vocalist is solid at what he does and although sometimes I feel he lacks the passion I'm looking for, I enjoyed his performances as they felt powerful in places and well delivered. Liam the drummer is seriously good as well, some very nice pacing and even more complex stuff has been added in here very adeptly. The guitar work from both Shaun and Gaz was a pleasure to listen to, and gave me a new found respect for the genre, some serious effort has went in to it despite some of it coming out a bit same-ish in places. Finally the bass from Glyn was solid, supportive and overall smoother than a Gillette razor gliding over a plate of Robinson's Jelly, which is exactly what you want right? Shut up, of course it is!

In all honesty? Well done lads, keep going, if you keep it up, there's no reason why you shouldn't end right up there with the legends one day, my only advice would be to keep developing, keep evolving and don't get stale, I see too much of that and you've really got a good thing going for yourselves! Bravo!

Now where did I put that Microwave?

Devil horn rating: \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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