Blunt Force Trauma - Beyond EP Review

By Pagan Tordengrav

Blunt Force Trauma is a 5 piece groove laden metal band from Perth, Western Australia reputed to be the most isolated city on the planet! They formed in 2009 and have often been quoted as “Thor’s love children”.

Since the band's inception in 2009 they have played with many renowned live acts such as; Macabre (USA), Forbidden (USA), The Amenta (Melb), Truth Corroded (SA), 4arm (Melb), Desecrator (Vic), Malignant Monster (WA), Grotesque (WA) & Claim The Throne (WA), to name a few.

With an Asian and North American tour planned for the second half of 2013, be sure to keep a constant look over your shoulder for more Blunt Force Trauma.
The album cover is well put together with two inner pockets.  The first holds a glossy booklet with the lyrics inside and the other one holds the CD.

Whore of Eden

Groove edged with really brutal and grotesque vocals – constant and rhythmic with superb melodic charm. The dizzy array of up tempo beats take control of the head as it starts to move uncontrollably with a bass hook to simply die for, that will send out shock waves to the weakening system. The vocals are abrasive and uncompromising – this will not only bite you but eat you alive!  I can’t help but feel that this would be awesome played live rather than on headphones but until I win the lottery I am forced to listen with the latter.

Meat Puzzle

Superb energetic start – my head thinks so too as the marching drum beats regiment the nod of the head to a strict time scale. Pulses of vibrant rhythms come swooping through the headphones at the speed of light. Heavy and focused the mesmerizing delicious riffs scatter and engulf the listener into submission. A highly delightful track with an even more delightful title!


Beautiful riffs blend with a swirling rhythm and crisp drum beat – building into a serious melting groove – this is just something to drool over but don’t ruin your keyboard!!  Scathing vocals turn into a more melodic profound sound but it never loses the brutality not for one second as a series of blast beats come at you ferociously – this is one incredible track! The fret work is amazing alone but put a serious blast beat to it and a thunderous bass hook with superb harmonies and whoa – this track does not just simply burn it will ignite and then explode. It does not get better than this!


More power than a drug crazed addict on speed with a meat cleaver! This is to the extreme it will literally force the blood around your body so quickly you feel like your heart will explode.  But not sure about the weird ending though sounds like a choir boy got his tackle caught by the passing hand of a priest!

Why is it that the band you would love to go and see happens to be on the other side of the feckin’ world? I bet these guys are superb live if the CD is anything to go by anyway. As soon as the music stopped I felt myself breath again – it does literally take your breath away! I can see why they are called Blunt Force Trauma - but one should not immediately assume that Blunt Force Trauma is the cause of death – on the other hand it is more than likely, as you try and head bang to the ferocious rhythms – get disorientated and hit your head on a wall – hence Blunt Force Trauma - it will send you into shock -like a serious crack to the skull - Listen with caution!!!

These five like-minded guys mean business, that one thing is clear by the contents of this CD.  It is just raw energy harnessed in such a way that the G Force it gives out as you slide it into the player will literally turn your brain inside out! It’s like a gripping movie – it will keep you on the edge of your seat – and the scary bits speak for themselves. This CD speaks for itself from start to finish – need I say anymore? Except to say you need to check these guys out for some serious brutality! They will leave you deranged - seriously!

Devil Horn Rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/