The Naked Show - Exposed (Guest Review)

By Wafa Farah

Manchester's two piece band The Naked Show; Mathias Donoso (all music) and Dan Gallar (all vocals), have collectively composed a thought provoking debut album entitled Exposed. Exposed is designed to take you on a journey across the divide between fantasy and reality and show how similar they can sometimes be.

The duo has developed a palpitating sound which showcases the melodic and aggressive vocal range of Dan Gallar and Mathias’ multi instrumental skills. Clear influences can be heard in the likes of Sepultura, Iron Maiden, Machine Head and many more. It is this vast range of influence and the diversity of its members that is the cause of difficulty to label the two piece band to a single genre.

Their cover of Paint It Black delivers an epic opening with Mathias Donoso fulfilling the dark and heavy riffs that every metalhead craves five times a day. Vocals are equally on par on this track and throughout; Gallar unquestionably echoes the great Bruce Dickinson and the prominent Daron Malakian.

The final track, Irreversible is acoustically darkening yet melodic and lyrically intense... the album at its best! The inclusion of French in the lyrics on this track gives it je ne sais quoi and adds yet another layer of diversity, like some sort of musical onion.

To balance the good with the bad, Down felt like a Nickelback radio hit, repetitive and dare I say, a little whiny…

I also disliked the intro track, Opening, as I couldn’t grasp the concept of its existence. It just appeared to be three and a half minutes of wasted running time.

Overall, the debut album Exposed is triumphant in its goal, it certainly uses its diversity to express a myriad of emotions but I feel that there is still space for improvement. The duo has managed to collectively direct their broad spectrums of metal influences, and create a sound that resonates the beauty of metal in all of its forms.

Devil Horn Rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \n