The Colour Line - Riff City EP Review

By Scott Bradley Taylor
The Colour Line are by far one of my favourite local acts within the Hull area; they never fail to get a great response from the audience, and even with the smallest of crowds, they really get the mood going! They're so energetic, and fit perfectly as a band, most bands aren't like this; and it's good to see people enjoying what they love! They're set to get it going even more with their new EP, Riff City! The album’s name suggests perfectly what it's about - killer Riffs! So when we were asked to review this EP we just couldn't say no!
Colonel Sanders' Flying Machine - As soon as I pressed play, I was drawn straight in. This amusingly titled, progressive track is so catchy and so technical that you just can't help listening to it; I for one had to play it over and over again. James’ drum barrage fits perfectly with the intense vocals from Sam (Rudderforth); vocals, which convey the chaotic nature of the track rather nicely.
Heights of Abraham - This is a killer song! Played live this track will not fail to get the crowd going and starting a pit; if the band doesn’t do so first, that is! Its bouncy sound is perfect for lifting your spirits! The song is powered by its amazing riffs from Sam (Arundell) and Usama, and features outstanding vocals.
Sunshine Adventureland - The intro builds up slowly, with atmospheric utilization of what sounds to be a bit of feedback. It then drops into some hard hitting, vicious vocals! Again, the instrumental aspects of this song are so technical and balls to the wall; it's just so intensely insane! You would be a fool not to listen to it.
Mariachi Firing Squad - Unfortunately, I couldn't review this track as there was an error with the file (but I’ll amend my review as soon as I grab a physical copy).
The Colour Line are set to make it far; and for those who like their music technical and frantic, they will never, ever disappoint! Riff City will be available for free download from their page; but ideally, The Colour Line need to be experienced live. They play often and around the country (their UK tour starts this month), so keep your eyes wide open and prepare for the inevitable carnage when they visit your area!

Devil Horn Rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/