Rough Cut - Rollin' Thunder Review

By Shane Douthwaite

Rough Cut are a four man (well, 3 men and 1 woman) strong, thunder fuelled riff machine. Their sound can be closely described as rough-and-ready hard rock with a hard hitting NWOBHM injection.

The band consists of Jack Simkin (guitar and vox), Simon J Court (lead guitar), James Simkin (bass) and Jes Hartley (drums). Jack’s voice is similar in tone to Kev Heybourne (Angel Witch You knew that right?) with a healthy dose of Ian Astbury (The Cult Come on, you had to know that one!) thrown in for good measure. It is Jack’s unique voice along with insane musicianship which makes Rough Cut so special.

Debut four track EP Rollin’ Thunder captures RC’s trademark raw live sound and pounds it through the relative safety of your home speakers. It is this raw edge that transports you back to 1980 where denim and leather (ey up) clad maniacs ruled the airwaves.

Any of the tracks from Rollin’ Thunder could’ve easily been at home on Metal For Muthas. From the up tempo, riff-laden wizardry displayed on Midnight Rider, Romeo’s Dead and Run Home to the steady rocking anthem that is Guardian Angel, this EP demands your upmost respect.

My favourite track on the EP has to be Guardian Angel, the way it transforms from a slow acoustic number to a fully blown rock anthem in just thirty seconds is masterful; and the bass line which keeps the song chugging borders on orgasmic.

The only downside to this record, in my opinion, is that there aren’t enough bloody songs! I want more!!!

This EP proves that NWOBHM is timeless and still alive and well. I need more Rough Cut in my life, and so do you!

Devil Horn Rating (out of five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/