Exile - Suspended Society...Mutilated Variety Review

By Antony Illingworth 

Thrash is one of the less subtle subgenres of metal music, characterised through its aggressive lyrics of social issues, and borrowing its speed and tempo from early hard-core punk; almost every thrash metal band to crawl from the woodwork follows this recipe. It’s been tried and tested time and again, and has always passed.

Exile, a three piece thrash metal band (named after the expulsion of Palestinian refugees from Gaza back in 1948) hailing from the lands of Jordan, have released their first full length LP, entitled Suspended Society…Mutilated Variety. Each of the band’s members knows how to play their instruments, and each song brings something new, ensuring a new sound can be heard every time.

Nader (Guitars & Vocals) shows his skill throughout the album with riffs and licks, he also treats us to some fantastic leads and solos throughout the album; his vocals, however, are more matched with early death metal from the likes of America’s own ‘Father of Death Metal’ Chuck Shuldiner, borrowing a more raspy tone than the usual abrupt barking of other thrash metal bands.

 Ibrahim (Bass Guitar) and Mahmod (Drums) lay down an undertone that is heavy but also smooth, the bass can be heard over the guitar-work whilst the drums carry us through each song and give us some good fills that are not usually heard on a thrash record; the musicianship from these three is far above average, and their previous experience in other bands is on show here.

Personally, the song titles on a thrash metal album are always important, and from the instrumental Forthcoming of Terror all the way to the finale that is Coronation of Disgrace, these titles all display the usual distaste for anything political that you regularly hear in the media; typically on a Megadeth and the odd Testament record.

The least you can do is listen to this record in its entirety; there are a lot worse musicians that call themselves a thrash band, Exile are raising the bar for thrash bands all over the world by making the genre ever more raw and bringing it back to its roots. Think early Testament, and Metallica mixed with Death and you have arrived at Exile. Seek out the album, turn your speakers to 11, and listen to thrash the way it was intended…

Devil Horn Metal Horn Rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/