Turbowolf at The Cockpit, Leeds, with Support 17/10/12 (Guest Review)

By Lewis Ford

Tonight two local bands, one of whom (Black Moth) have been touring supporting Turbowolf for a few weeks now, absolutely blew The Cockpit (Leeds) apart; perfectly preparing the venue for Turbowolf’s headline set on their first headline tour. This is something they deserve without a shadow of a doubt.

Kicking off the night were Shields with their last show with their current lineup. Whilst Shields are a sludgey band, they blast out hard hitting riffs at a higher tempo than standard sludge/doom. They were a good opening band for the night, and got proceedings moving with force.

Black Moth followed up with: Sabbath-esque riffs, drums with an impressive amount off bass kicks for a drummer using one pedal and a strong female lead; there aren’t many bands more suited to support Turbowolf. My personal favourite song has to be Blackbirds Fall, the riffage and beat is delivered ferociously and straight into your chest. The home crowd loved it, the band loved it and I loved it.

Now for Turbowolf; so much energy flows from these four guys from Bristol. There’s something about their shows which is so dramatically different from any other live metal show, whether it be: Chris’ possession styled stage movements and syth playing, Andy’s tight riffage and soul bursting solos that screech out like something from the abyss, Joe beating the shit out of his bass or Blake keeping the rhythm of Satan himself.

With covers from their new EP including Captain Caveman by Lightning Bolt and pretty much their entire self titled album being played, it was hard to choose a favourite song. Read + WriteSevern Severed Heads or A Rose for the Crows were the tracks that really got the place moving and screaming into the microphone. Chris waded through the crowd handing the mic over to audience members; people including members of Black Moth were thrown around crowd surfing, and there were stage divers galore throughout.  Harriet (Black Moth) made an appearance onstage to help Chris with the cover of Somebody to Love (The Jefferson Aeroplane one, not Queen), and it was all followed by an after party at Bar Santiago’s in Leeds for Whiskey Wednesdays. Those aspects of spontaneity and the more intimate touches, such as the manning of their own merch stalls, is what sets Turbowolf apart from a number of rising bands at the moment; and it’s just amazing to see them finally getting the support the deserve.

(Photo Sourced from Wikimedia Commons)