Review: System Paralysis' Inhale the Poison EP Launch.

By Danielle Partis 

Thursday 4th October

System Paralysis’ EP Launch, with support from Double Down and Run

@ The Adelphi.

Now, not going to lie, this must have been my first visit to the Adelphi in months.  In fact, I think that the last gig I attended here, was actually a System Paralysis gig. And that, if I remember correctly, was a mind blowing show. So I was curious tonight to see if the band’s latest offering would be just as tantalising as the last.

First act of the evening were Run, who had been recruited in at last minute to fill in for The Franceens as they were unable to play. Run were a spunky, young three piece; they played a fairly impressive few tracks, some quite fast paced and aggressive, others slower and chilled. The aspect of the band that did catch my attention was the vocalist and guitarist. Although her vocal range wasn’t that varied, she occupied the stage with a, likeable malevolence, and displayed an absolute tonne of attitude, getting the crowd involved at an early stage of the show. Definitely an individual to keep my eye on!

After a break and a stage switchover, Double Down took over. I’ve seen this guys support System Paralysis before, and I can hazily recall really enjoying them. The same state of mind applied tonight. Double Down is a band you’ll enjoy no matter what you’re doing; you can get up and have a good old dance about, or just prop up the bar and let them ear rape you from there. Effects work better if you are chucking yourself all over the dance floor, though. If Dropkick Murphys were from Yorkshire, they’d probably sound a bit like Double Down. They have that happy-go-lucky aura that makes you want to just, get drunk and dance! I’d definite recommend them.

Just after 10pm, headliners and EP launchers System Paralysis hit the stage, launching straight in to a song I definitely recognised from one of their past EP’s but could not put my finger on. System are a band I’ve been watching since their inception pretty much, and all in all they’ve become very apt and extremely confident at what they do. One thing I would point out, is that although they’ve found their niche as a punk band, it has a tendency to become quite monotonous. Which in itself could be a musical hindrance; all three members seem to be very able musicians.

What I love about System Paralysis is that as well as being unassailably badass, they seem to create this familial atmosphere whenever they play. Which I think is a difficult thing to attain at gigs. The band seem to have got to a point now where just being ON the stage will lure the majority of the room to the stage before any of them have even touched their instruments. It’s a clear sign that System Paralysis has already proved itself amongst the alternative scene, old and new, and they show no sign of stopping.

After playing a variation of songs, from their array of a back catalogue,  from the first EP to their new release, ‘Inhale the Poison’ the three of them looked prepared to leave the stage, but one thing I would not let them do was leave without playing the song that has always and will always synthesise what System Paralysis is about for me. So I grabbed my insanely tall friend and engaged in a resounding chant  that took around half a second to infect the crowd around me. And true to form, the band came back and launched in to my first heard and favourite track of theirs – Remedy.  This song brought the gig to a satisfying close leaving me and those around me evidently satisfied.

All in all, tonight’s launch was an enjoyable night. It wasn’t mind blowing, however I don’t think it was one of those events that needed to be. The turnout was impressive,  the bands were absolutely spot on, and I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing on a Thursday night than having a beer and dancing about like a lunatic to some carefree irresponsible live punk! 

'Inhale The Poison' is available now through Warren Records.

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