(N) Press Release: Cattle Decapitation's Extreme New Video

San Diego based Deathgrind band, Cattle Decapitation, have released a new video for Forced Gender Reassignment (Monolith of Inhumanity, 2012); and it is every bit as deranged and brutal as one might imagine. The definitely NSFW video debuted on horror website Bloody Disgusting, after being deemed too intense for popular video hosting site Youtube, and its more liberal brother – Vimeo.  

Director Mitch Massie, who in the past has directed videos for CD and Deliver Us from Evil, commented:
"Travis threw down the gauntlet and asked for something based around the lyrics to this insane song. Of course I had to accept the challenge. Have free reign to create something that could piss people off, make family members hate me even more, potentially ruin my future with more delicate bands, and make a complete audio/visual ‘fuck you’ in the most unapologetic way? Hell yes, count me in. This time the lyrics had to be visualized realistically as opposed to metaphorically so an absolute-bat-shit-insane cast was needed. Truly, nothing is more life affirming or fun than to shoot a project full of violence, rape, and mutilation with a group who has no fear of anything. So much of this video is real that I’ve never laughed so much in my life while being seconds away from a trip to the emergency room every day. Caleb Schneider is a personal hero of mine for creating the ‘appliance’ and having enough faith in me to do it justice. Getting a box of dicks in the mail is a very special yet humbling moment in one’s life. It was no surprise that Travis had a difficult time finding a place to show this disgusting and very bloody project but it is amazing, ironic, and fitting that Bloody Disgusting decided to support it. I’m thankful all of our work can be heard and seen in the right place. I hope this isn’t the last time I get to do something this outrageous and awful. I would love to do a Taylor Swift video based on Story of the Eye."
Personally, much of the initial shock stems from it pushing the boundaries of acceptability for a music video; as the content itself is arguably no worse than the content of Human Centipede and Hostel. Some of the graphic content includes sexual assault, genital mutilation, depraved  torture and extreme violence; and a fat bloke in a gimp mask. The video is available for viewing here; viewer discretion is advised.

 Vocalist Travis Ryan had this to say:
"For the Forced Gender Reassignment video I wanted something mean and cruel and flat out disturbing. It seems nowadays you have to be over the top in your presentation to get anyone to think about anything anymore. The song is about taking certain religious sects and showing them what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes – someone whose life is simply different than theirs – but forcibly so, of course, or else it just wouldn’t be Cattle Decapitation. A band heavily steeped in irony, pessimism and fucking pain. There was no second choice – Mitch Massie was the only person for the job. He helped put our vision directly on the screen and we couldn’t be happier and at the same time repulsed by the aftermath."