Airstryke - No Half Measures Review

By Shane Douthwaite

Airstryke are Derby’s representative for the melodic metal scene which has exploded out of the UK in the last few years; joining the likes of: Jettblack, Fury UK/Absolva and Motherload. Relying largely on the influence of the hair metal greats such as Guns N Roses, Treat, Ratt, Skid Row and Poison; Airstryke are far more of a party rock band than the other fore mentioned bands.

Famed for a huge and highly entertaining stage show with more spandex and hairspray than your auntie’s craziest Anne Summers party, they ooze a sex, booze and rock ‘n’ roll attitude. After smashing a typically awesome set at Bloodstock 2012, Airstryke unleashed their debut album, No Half Measures, to the world!

Every song on the aptly named No Half Measures is an instant anthem. The use of ‘whoa oh’ chorus lines and tongue-in-cheek lyrics show that Airstryke aren’t afraid of using the classic techniques and adding their own edge to create an original sound.  It is this old school yet original style that gives Airstryke such an appeal.

Jamie’s sleazy tone and piercing vocal range mixed with the obvious musicianship and skill throughout the rest of the band (Guitars – Andy and Rob/Bass – Dean/Drums – Morgan), make awesome listening. Catchy hooks and soaring solos are the order of the day as the boys teach Melodic Rock 101. Addictive and risqué tracks like Pleasures of the Flesh, Party Girl and Left Me Cold are somewhere between Reckless Love and Steel Panther. However Life Is Just and Threw Away a Rose are far more melodic and would have easily been at home on any Motley Crue or Poison album in the 80s.

Picking favourite tracks off this album is so difficult, as every track is worthy of a mention. But rules are rules. Threw Away a Rose, Booze O’ Clock, and Drowning in Your Love are the three tracks which I believe epitomise the band, and best showcase their array of talent. Threw Away a Rose is a ballad about keeping hold of the good things in life and how it hurts when you lose them; something many of us can relate to. There’s also a Facebook campaign to get this song to Christmas No. 1, so get involved!

Booze O’ Clock is Airstryke’s code of conduct and is possibly the greatest party rock drinking anthem ever! The lyrics in this behemoth of a song should be more than enough to convince you to love Airstryke:

                They say we’re drinking far too early/I say, don’t be a little bitch
                Those words you’re saying, they sound girly/I bet you can’t guess what time it is

Drowning in Your Love is a neck breaking, high speed monster that never lets go from the opening riff to the final chord. As well as the relentless pace, this track features a stunning call and return chorus, which when accidentally sung out loud on a bus can get you some funny looks… trust me.

So to sum up, No Half Measures is an awesome debut release by one of the best bands that you’ve never heard of. So open your minds and open your ears to one of the best sounds heard since the 80s.

Devil Horn Rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/