Kaine - Falling Through Freedom Album Review

By Pagan Tordengrav

Kaine were founded 2009 by Rage Sadler and Elliot Jackson; and later Dan Mailer and Josh Moreton were then added to the mix. Hailing from the Essex area the band recorded their first self-titled EP in 2010. It was released on iTunes and Spotify through Specky Records. Not without the usual line-up changes Kaine have now released their long awaited debut album “Falling through Freedom” with the help of lead guitarist Anthony Murch.
It’s good to hear a band like Kaine bringing to life the NWOBHM (a term coined by Sounds Editor Alan Lewis and used by Geoff Barton Journalist for the same magazine in May 1979) I personally was weaned on this genre of music and still love it today as it brings back some really happy memories, and so it is nice to rewind time and reminisce about the past; but the difference with Kaine is that they have put their own stamp on the procedures and made it that bit more *special.

Like with so many sub-genres appearing all the time nobody can get bored of the metal scene, which is what makes it fresh and revitalising and let’s face it we all have our roots.
But the road has not been an easy one for Kaine who were not around in the 80’s but feel the need to play this genre of music and keep it alive in our hearts - and who some people may say is dead – but metal in any shape or form only sleeps it never truly dies and listening to this CD I would say the monster has awoken and is out for new blood!

Kaine have up against them genres such as Death Metal which offers a more brutal approach but born out of NWOBHM there’s no reason why metal heads can’t continue to like bands with a rockier approach whilst still enjoying death or even black metal in my opinion but it all boils down to taste in the end not age.

The cover is striking in its steel blue colour that begs to be noticed. Inside the cover are the lyrics and tells you who did the solo's on each track. This is one of my favourite covers to date as I particularly like the way the tongue blends into the mountains to form a road and indeed a bridge - there's just so much to see in the cover alone and done by Silencer8.
Lost Sages Tower

Superb beats blast forth and are real head banging material. The riffs although in a simple vein are addictive with a good raw vocal beautiful chords are added to give it depth and ambiance – really loving this track. Turn it up loud and move that head! – Let time rewind itself.

Helpless Salvation
Love this track too as the build-up really sets the mood. The rhythm alone is catchy and all out metal. Although the vocals seem a little over shadowed with the music. Riffs aplenty and again I just can’t stop head banging its addictive listening!

Waking Dead
Awesome 80’s riffage starts this track with some great harmonies. The chugging is outstanding! Drumming nice and solid and inspiring with a nice bass hook – you can lose yourself in this track as there’s so much going on in it.. The fade out ending is just superb.

Riding Volition
Clean beats usher forth and a sneaky little bass line making this an interesting track. Another chugging but varied song with fire and ferocity and chanting type vocals – you can play air guitar to this! It has a very Viking feel to it which makes it a winner in my eyes (and ears) with good strong melodic content.

The Immortal
A more heavier musical content here with some thunderous skins nice scathing vocals and dark passages interwoven with some tremendous riffs that really get the blood moving around the veins. The build-up really gets involved as well.

Quality of Madness
Slow, deep ambient opening it feeds in such a way that it invites the hungry listener to do just that! The heavy riffs are marvellous and so addictive. Nice fuzzed guitar with high energy and great melodic quality. Tempos outstanding, vocals fierce, bass solid and drums keep you banging your head! Wicked track!

A very unusual opener – steering them slightly away from the obvious direction which is not a bad thing at all and that *special touch I mentioned earlier - with fiery first class beats and different vocal content almost chant like with a sound that chugs. This breaks new ground as it isn’t in the usual vein of Kaine the riffing is however in short supply and just teases you.

*Kaine in Action!*

Nice vengeful dark opening with clean deep bass and then the churning guitar comes into play. Beats are solid and balanced with the track and gives the sense of solidarity and edge.

Storm of the Devoted
More chugging powerful chords burst forth and with it a strong bass hook offering another “Vikingesque” feel to it. Nice stop start emotions it drives and delivers never losing sight of the goal with shimmering effect.

Witchfinder General
Sombre – the tumble of guitar and the throbbing beats it holds a snappy conglomerate of sound. Raw vocals sung to a host of rhythmic beats giving it a sense of colourful wonder. Really great breakdown that empowers you with a dark melodic touch and driving rhythms that will eat you alive – particularly love the piano at the very end of the track - it adds flavour to the mix as it lingers with the added touch of distant thunder bringing the CD to a close.

To sum up: If you love 80’s NWOBHM with a twist then you will love Kaine – They have worked extremely hard and funded this CD themselves. It has brought those sleepless nights, tension and line-up changes and yet out of the dark tunnel Rage has battled on in his passion for the genre he loves and that has to stand for something!

I have always loved this band because of their steely approach to move forward in the face of adversity and win. Give these guys a listen and buy this 10 track it’s a snip at 9.99 that’s just 1.00 a track! Show some support for Kaine and prove to them that their struggle has not been in vein. NWOBHM lives!!

Devil Horn Rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \n