Generation Graveyard - We are the Empty EP Review

By Pagan Tordengrav 

Hailing from the London area of the UK, the five-man strong army of death punkers collectively known as Generation Graveyard, have savagely produced this EP entitled We are the Empty. Generation Graveyard was founded in 2010 and have shared a stage with such impressive bands as: Viking Skull (now sadly disbanded) Warrior Soul and Zodiac Mind Warp.

The band’s tracks are inspired by urban isolation, substance dependence and social upheaval, and they don’t mince their words and refuse to be pigeonholed. I can see why when their list of influences includes: Killing Joke, Ministry and Dark Throne to name but three; however Death Punk seems to fit these dark restless souls who incorporate a conglomerate of hard-core, black metal and d-beat crust as well as venom so vicious it has to be punk, but I particularly like the idea of black metal and punk being forged together.


A mix of dark evil ambient heavy sounds, with a projection of echoed voices and is a superb introduction to this EP.

Abominate Desolate

Well that will teach me to have the volume on 11 when this track started! The g force alone sent me flying off my chair! A very interesting composition, with the punk influences that are definitively outlined but also incorporating that nice black metal edge. There is also a great rock influence in there too, and this track just chugs with excellence. Tremendous vocal content here amidst compelling guitars, a feisty bass hook and good solid drum beat that keeps the attention of the listener.  Great track!

The Empty

Awesome rhythm on this track it smacks a punch right between the eyes. The vocals sounding more scathing by the minute and the heavy punk influence is there, although it has a few twists incorporated and there is no black metal sounding influence here - so right were the band when they said they don’t like being pigeonholed. But this is another superb track from the band with great architectural rhythm that builds and takes you on a lyrical journey.


Not sure if this should be spelled like this or not but it all adds to the mystery or maybe it means that the band never finished their education – who knows? But it is a rhythmic, punchy cacophony of sounds and in my opinion just doesn’t last long enough! There is nothing stagnating about this band it is definitely cloned with punk influences but it also has that dark edge with rock n roll thrown in to keep you on your toes.

Gengrave,as they are known, have indeed brought something new and diverse to the table, thus it is difficult to categorize them; so I shall refrain from doing that and just say that with Generation Graveyard you get a great nifty mix of sounds and a no bullshit guaranteed listening experience. For me personally they have definitely pushed all the right buttons and ticked all the right boxes.

Sometimes you can just tell by name that a band will be good and Gengrave are no exception to this rule.  They also have a great look about them which adds to the flavour of their creative and inspired sound. The superb production on all four of the four tracks will no doubt have you pressing replay all over again. As they say no rest for the wicked! Go on spoil yourself in the melodic swagger and brace yourself for the heavy riffs!

Devil-Horn Rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/