Kremated - Thrash Ain't Dead Promo Review

By Pagan Tordengrav

I have in my sweaty palms a limited edition of Kremated's - Thrash Ain’t Dead; with a front cover depicting a baby lying amongst a number of metal CDs and albums, wearing a T Shirt with a ‘I listen to Motorhead with my Daddy!’ slogan. That baby has taste! You can actually have a free copy of this promotional CD when you buy any merchandise from the band - so check out the third link above and go buy a hoodie!

Kremated, formed in 2011, are a foursome hailing from the beautiful Kent area of Southern London; and are ready to rock the world with their barrage of 80’s underground thrash and crust-punk, with added touches of East Coast Hardware thrown into the mix.

The band have a forthcoming release entitled Total Warfare which is due out in October 2012 – which includes the single Thrash Ain't Dead. Not long to wait now!

Thrash Ain’t Dead

This may be one of the quickest reviews I've written, as there is only one track on this promotional copy but it is exceptionally fast and hard-core. Superb blast beats terrorise the ear drums and the vocals chant out the lyrics “Thrash Ain’t Dead” accompanied by some catchy melodic riffs that spit venom – I can imagine this track filling a mosh pit and at the end of it – leaving a lot of mangled corpses!

Indeed thrash has a long way to go before it finally ends up forgotten in an archive somewhere – as I mentioned in a previous review it took me near on twenty years to fully appreciate what was involved in this genre, never having got into the likes of Slayer or Metallica but I am certainly making up for it now – but I just prefer the unsigned bands to the more larger mainstream stuff that is out there, but I do have respect for the thrash bands that started the genre.

Kremated are one such unsigned band that deserves recognition for keeping this genre in attack mode. This is a superb composition that screams 1980’s and allows such people as myself to revel in what I missed previously.

Pity there is just one single track on this CD but I am really happy to have it amongst my ever growing collection of unsigned metal bands. Superb track and no – Thrash Ain’t Dead; it may sleep for a bit but when it is reawakened - just be ready for the onslaught!

Devil-Horn Rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/