Innersylum EP Review

By Sam Graham

Now, I’ve heard a lot about this band and I’ve seen their names plastered just about everywhere, but I’d never had the fortune of hearing any of their music, so when their most recent EP landed on our front door (inbox), I slurped it up like a Bulldog eating mayonnaise, and rightly so, once I’d heard it.

Innersylum, from Hull (Not Kingston Upon Hull either; that’s its slave-name) opens with My World (I swear, I seem to review every band that has a My World). It starts off sombre, with that 80’s clean guitar sound that everybody likes (played by Nick Horne). And it’s here where the talent behind this band comes in: I was not nearly prepared for how much Derk can wail. He’s brilliant! Those long notes he holds and the more sombre parts both show a great deal of skill and practice. The chorus is My World’s selling-point and after the second time through comes a solo that like the vocals, I wasn’t prepared for the greatness of. My World is a fantastic showcase of Innersylum’s strong points, and well worthy to open this EP.

Second on the EP is Desolation and to be frank, I didn’t like this song. It had good parts such as the guitar riff in the verse and the chorus vocals, but all in all it sounded a little muddy and tentatively held together. The guitar tone in this song sounds like it has too much distortion on it which makes it sound the way it does. When compared to My World, it just didn’t stand up, especially seeing as it’s straight after. However, I’m very against the ‘more of the same’ ethos, so as a different side to their music, it succeeds. It shows that they’re not one-trick ponies.

Hell I Am Inside is more like it! That riff! Just listen to it! When I first listened to this EP, I was washing the pots and as soon as this riff came on I stopped, dried my hands and whacked the speakers up to eleven. It’s so damn good! Hell I Am Inside has a decidedly power-metal feeling to it, but who likes genre names? In short, it’s cool, and that’s all you need to know. Go listen to it. Listen to it now. Derk tops My World with the vocal talent as he wails the chorus. This song is well constructed from start to finish and has a bleak desperation to it all the way through.

Second to last comes the slow-beginning Reason For Living. After a short stint of haunting backing vocals, the song pounds into the meat of it. The verses are quite blasé, but it’s OK- don’t swan off to the bar just yet, because the Iron Maiden styled chorus makes up for it, hands down. The choruses in Innersylum’s music are quite possibly the best I’ve heard from a local band ever.

The final song, Everlasting is more in the vein of Desolation, but better. Actually my first thought was that it sounds like it should be in Doom or something. The more traditional heavy metal sound again breaks up the EP by providing a difference. Unlike Desolation, Everlasting is a much more enthusiastic song. It sounds better put together and it’s those reasons which make it my second favourite out of the five (the number one spot goes to Hell I Am Inside, obviously).

All in all, this EP is sh*t-hot, and should be on your shelf. Now that I’ve heard this band, I can say that they deserve every good thing that’s been said about them. They’re a good band that make good music, and they know how to keep it fresh.

Devil-Horn rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \n