Festering Saliva - ZeroLine

By Pagan Tordengrav

Germany’s Festering Saliva came together in 1998 and have only had two previous album releases – (which surprises me somewhat as I would have expected more) one called Isle of Nightmares (of which an 8 minute horror video clip was filmed, though this has now unfortunately been removed) and Realm of the Forgotten.

The band have played about 200 gigs so far this includes 3 mini-tours and one abroad with bands such as Six Feet Under, God Dethroned and Equilibrium to name but three and also played a handful of festivals including Walpurgis Metal Days and Happy Cadaver. Fist Full of Metal has since been cancelled now due to the death of one of the bands family members. Sorry to read this guys.

In the 15 years this band has been going they have gathered positivity from well-known magazines in Germany i.e. Ablaze, Legacy, Eternity and Rock Hard.The band is also due to play a live gig on the 19th October 2012 coinciding with the release of Zeroline at the Feierwerk in Munich which is part of the “Blasting Bavaria Tour 2012, gigging with Commander and Necrotic Flesh.

Amazingly only 365 likes on Facebook which is shocking to say the very least but sadly typical as maybe people tend to stick within their own areas which is understandable due to actually wanting to see a band perform live but come on people instead of telling us what you had for dinner why not use Facebook to discover new talent?

The cover of this album is gut wrenchingly grotesque and depicts a woman with her throat cut – with the band name barely recognisable in the top left hand corner a typical trait of a death metal band.
Surprisingly Danny Klupp the band’s lead guitarist is also associated with Schandmaul who are anything but death metal an opt for a more Folk Rock and traditional Deutsch Rock theme and have over 125,400 likes on Facebook – amazing!

I love death metal music – not for its blood thirsty content but just for the sheer aggression and the way in which the music tends to pump the blood around my body at an unmentionable speed not in the traditional sense that rock music does – death metal is just an exceptional genre and although very rarely can you understand the grunts and growls it still leaves a lasting imprint on the mind like a doc martin boot to the groin.

To explain death metal in a sentence be it a long sentence: “It can be recognized by its "post-human" perspective, seeing the world through biology, history, warfare and mythology instead of the "I/me/mine" viewpoint of a modern society” and maybe in the second category (the first has to be awarded to Grindcore) for having the most evil of band names such as Massacre, Autopsy and Cannibal Corpse to name but three and just as macabre song titles with sickening graphic album covers that make you want to reach for a bucket! It is nearly always the genre that starts a ferocious mosh pit and recognised by the deep growling vocals (or cookie monster vocals as death metal bands are now renowned for) and sometimes pig squeals that make this music so appealing.

Festering Saliva falls into the second category – and Gory being the most appropriate word to describe them. I am particularly excited to be reviewing this CD and the fact that the band are from Germany is another plus in the band’s favour – Germany seem to be spewing out some amazing talent and not just in the death metal genre either. (Check out Syqem! – Totally far removed from Death Metal but offers thrilling compositions with clout none the less)
In true death metal style Festering Saliva promises to stick the knife in, twist it a bit and demolish your body parts one by one – let the carnage commence!

And on cue - A stupendous blood curdling mix of blasting beats begins and with it ushers forth those thundering cookie monster vocals. Like a tidal wave the music washes over you. The nimble fingers of Danny are put to the test here with accurate precision.

Torn Apart
Faster than a whippet on heat this track will just engulf you with melodic and fast exploding beats – it only lets up to bring you a breakdown that is face melting and then some. Constant and hard driven this track compels you to listen. Grippingly aggressive as you would expect propels the track with sheer abandon.

Evil Undead
Sounds just as evil as the title. Faster than the speed of light it will astound you with those delightful cookie monster growls. It has a fantastic melodic groove element incorporating a thrash element too. This will leave you dizzy and conjure up some nasty mental images like a pneumatic drill penetrating the skull like a hammer penetrating an egg. Energetic nimble fingered riffs are played at resounding speed and ferocity and a solid bass hook surges to give it a good rhythmic sound.

Military Song
And so called because of the marching rhythmical content of the drums with driving chords give you a good configuration of anthemic quality and fluctuating with powerful vocals. This track is just superb and will or should invoke attention. Structured to mega proportions with energetic propulsion.

A sudden change in tempos solid striking guitar starts and then a change in direction bring a faster element to it with great harmonies too, and a driving layered rhythmic quality. A battle of guitar riffs pump out a feverish melodic sound that is balanced whilst the half chanted vocals give it that edgy and manic tone. This is one surging track that will no doubt get repeated several times for it offers beautiful riffs and evil gut wrenching growls all in one track alone. Epic!

3 Minutes
Powerful and rhythmic this track just appears with a hard edge of explosive blast beats that are unrelenting and fierce and coupled with the scourging ravenous vocals it is hard hitting and intense. A solid bass hook just surges and balances the track nicely. Intensely pulsating and rhythmical – you can almost hear your own heart beat grow faster with each damming riff and each blasting beat.

A Phonic Facial
Amazing bass hooks rip through the track with unrivalled guitar work – fast and furious it offers a chugging melodic feel to it. Evil vocal content adds to the mix you cannot help but move your head to this. This is a powerful track heavy to the last with superb anthemic qualities and blistering riffs it feeds the soul with a banquet of liquid flowing riffs and delightful shreds with a structural synchronised vibe!

Down through the Gullet
Blasting metal riffs with damming impacting percussion – it is fast and unrelenting. The chanting melodic vocal offers both contemplative moods as well as down-right murderous ones. Textured and unified with hypnotic rhythms it delivers in strength and prowess. It is indeed complex and scathing in aggression and executed superbly by the band.

The title track is spellbinding, intriguing and dramatic! Integrating some powerful vocals that have you gasping for breath they are sung that fast. Sophistication comes in the shape of some deftly awakened guitar riffs that momentarily appear as the drumming expertly executed takes over by probably an octopus on speed the raw aggressive element just shines through.

To sum up this is raw aggressive and abrasive death metal played at its very best! It leaves you gagging for more. If you have the death metal gene to digest this then you can rest assured you are going to be well satisfied.

The menacing metal and brutal battery experienced within this tiny silver disc is nothing less than stunning. It reveals rhythmic tension and an unparalleled death metal experience for every fan with a leaning towards this brutal element of Metal.

Devil Horn Rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/