Fell on Black Days - Talion Review

By Pagan

Formed in 2007 Fell on Black Days are a five man strong army of metal heads, who hail from beautiful South Wales and are signed to Brutal Elite Records. They have shared a stage with bands such as Beholder, Diamond Headand Onslaught. Talion is the band’s debut album and due for release on the 6th August 2012. They have an army of 1,805 likes on Facebook and are gaining further recognition far and wide.

The album cover is an interesting array of colour with an emblem of an eagle and a shield bearing an eye and entitled Talion. Inside is a glossy booklet containing lyrics with band information. The coffin on the CD itself looks awesome too and is a nice touch!

Led by superb screaming gutsy vocals from Gavin which forcefully invades the listener’s audial capacities, Ends with Me, features devilishly fast guitars and the astounding drums. Ends with Me is a good start to the album - strong, solid and sharp; just three words that describes this barrage of sound.

Mea Culpa is an interesting title, which when translated from the Latin means “my mistake” or “my fault”. This track leads with an enthusiastic beat pushed to the extreme, just how I like it. The vocal harmonies are fantastic with clean and frenzied growled vocals. Mea allows Gavin to display his vocal versatility early on. The nice melodic chugging quality of the main riff erupts into a frenzy of vitality and energy and the pay-off is a incredible. The excellent guitar riffage continues well into Some More Than Others, a song which compels the listener to move their head in such a way that typing becomes impossible! The melodic tones sweep ferociously with powerful driving vocals, skull crushing riffs, bludgeoning drum beats and meaty bass hooks – this is one amazing track. Catchy and impressive – quite simply, another winner.

The title track Talion is as brutal as the name suggests and boasts more raspy vocal content that delves deep and scars the brain like a branding iron. The bass (Glenn) is tremendous and dominates this track, pounding superbly along with the blinding riffs that come spellbindingly fast and furious. Catchy and melodic it imprints an everlasting memory on the unsuspecting listener. The pace and energy continues to progress, as Promises crashes into being with blast beats galore from drummer Shaun. This track serves as a nice dominating force which sweeps you along with a no nonsense smack in the mouth.

Tooth and Nail has a brilliant opening, featuring a vast array of drum beats and menacing growls which take the previous energy of the album up to the next level. The proficiency of the guitarists and blinding bass riffs is just amazing; and the momentum of the track just keeps on delivering. This effectively compares with next track, Bring Out Your Dead, which features a nice melodic opening; before exploding into being total anarchy. The use of both the dark vocals and clean vocals actually adds to this track superbly well, with the balance seeming just right. The guitars are extremely blistering and infused with melodic energy that exuberates with fire and a fierce passion. As with the majority of the tracks, Bring Out Your Dead showcases Matt and Mark's remarkable skills - being able to explore a range of emotions without compromising any of the aggressive or technicality.

The only point this unrelenting tour-du-force really disappointed was during third song – Cold Rapture. Whilst there remind no let up from his commanding vocals, here Gavin’s clean vocals sounded weak in comparison to the rest of the album; and not at all keeping in with the aggression of the track. Vocally, Cold Rapture is my least favourite, but musically it isn’t lacking a thing.

It is indeed a stunning debut and just a taste of what is to come for Fell on Black Days, and lives up to its name in quality, sound and content with the exception of track four, Cold Rapture, which I found to be pretty weak. The band’s songs are about pain, regret and disappointment – well I relate to the pain in my ears as the decibels destroy what is left of my hearing, regrets – none and disappointment – on one track only - This debut album is definitely superb! I will definitely be looking out for a second offering that this band are going to follow up with...Can it get any better? We shall see, but for now this album deserves a resounding thumbs up and horns high! See you in the mosh pit!

Devil Horn Rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \r