(N) A Slice of Cooper Debut Gig 07.06.12

By Shane Douthwaite
A Slice of Cooper (stylised as A sLICE of COOPER) are Hull's very own tribute to the master of shock and awe and all round good guy, the legendary Alice Cooper. As I had witnessed the insane spectacle of the real thing last October, I felt compelled to check out A Slice... to see how they compare.
From the opening track, Hey Stoopid, to Only Women Bleed and the anthemic Poison, the choice in set list was perfect; displaying a vast array of songs from Alice's back catalogue, even I'll Bite Your Face Off from his latest album (Welcome 2 My Nightmare).
Musically, A Slice... are as tight as a nat's chuff! Even the slow section of I'll Bite Your Face Off and the build-up which follows was nailed perfectly; and with the impressive accuracy of the vocals thrown in you have one hell of a good sound. With note-for-note fills and solos from both guitarists (Matt and Adrian) and an excellent turn from Ben on the keys, the quality of musicianship was outstanding. When you take into account that they have a Zatoichi esque blind guitarist you appreciate it even more.
Vocalist Alex may not exactly be a body double for Alice but his understanding of the man’s mannerisms helped to create a fantastic visual performance. A Slice...also use an array of theatrical and sinister props similar to Alice's, only not as extravagant. From baby dolls being thrown around to the trademark rapier of money during Billion Dollar Babies the props made a good spectacle.
The band even included a Minion, who was used to bring on Alice's costume changes. He also dragged him off stage during a lengthy instrumental section, which allowed for a full outfit change; which to me seems like of a touch of pure genius. I do feel however, that more Minions are needed, as one of the guitarists had to lend a hand when it came to the straight-jacket. This added an air of clumsiness to the show and slightly detracted my enjoyment of it. But it was their debut gig after all.
Besides from this minor blemish, A Slice Of Cooper played a highly enjoyable and memorable gig which was enjoyed by all. Even if they didn't have an Orianthi look-alike.