(N) Press Release: Guitarist Leaves Prominent Yorkshire Band

Photo courtesy of Valkyrian Music and David Ferret Taylor Photography.

Breaking news comes as guitarist Tony Dean announces his departure from Alice in Thunderland. Following an announcement from his official Facebook account, the band followed up with an official statement. The news comes as a massive shock to loyal fans.

Tony has served as lead guitarist for the Bridlington based melodic heavy metal band since the band’s formation in 1995, and described his band mates as “a family”. Though the full story behind Tony leaving the band currently remains unclear, he has cited lack of enjoyment from playing as his primary reason. He also stated that as a guitarist he currently had no future plans.

The original statement from Tony reads as follows:

I have left the band - Alice in Thunderland, not an easy decision after 17 years but I've done it. Not fallen out with anyone, were all still mates. A.I.T. have developed over the years into a great band but my hearts not in it anymore so time to go. I wish them future success with A.I.T. and finding a new guitarist. I need a break from guitar not getting the same buzz I used to get. Not made any future plans guitar wise but when the time is right I will ...

Alice in Thunderland are one of the more prominent bands in the Yorkshire circuit and have supported metal legends such as Blitzkrieg and Tygers Of Pan Tang. They have recently added rhythm guitarist Tony Dixon to the line-up, after a successful debut as a five piece atValkyrian Festival. Their third and most recent album, Hellfire, was released in April to a highly positive reception; described by Valkyrian Music -“Alice In Thunderland really do deserve more recognition for their work and Hellfire is bona fide evidence of that.”

The full statement from Alice in Thunderland is available below.

It is with great regret and shock that Tony Dean has informed us of his decision to leave the band we have had a great 17 years and have become a family more than a band and Tony will always remain part of that family we wish him well for the future and in due time we will look for a new guitarist but at the moment we are all numb with news to even think about it.