(N) Press Release: Violent Deception Front-man announces No Final VD Show/ V.Y.P.E.R

Former Violent Deception frontman Jonathan Horberry has announced there will be no final show to mark the end of the band. Mixing NWOBHM, Power Metal and Thrash, Violent Deception were characterised by their vocal and guitar harmonies and sweeping solos. The band formed in 2009 after a group of close knit friends exchanged riffs and musical ideas, and from there they proceeded to create songs which would become staples in their set – such as I am Fear and The Ripper.

On Friday 13th of April 2012 VD announced they had mutually decided to part ways, having come to feel the band had run its course. At the time they mentioned the possibility of performing a farewell show.

In the same recent statement lead guitarist and vocalist Jon unveiled his new project - 'V.Ÿ.P.Ë.R’which will feature also VD drummer Phil on drumming duties. They are currently writing new material and searching for a bassist.

The full statement is as follows:

Due to issues regarding work and personal comittments: there will be no final performance from Violent Deception. We would, again, like thank everyone who has supported us over our time as an outfit; it was truly a pleasure playing for you all!

One half of Violent Deception will be continuing on as a new project dubbed: 'V.Ÿ.P.Ë.R' Jon and Phil are currently using their time to find a new direction, write new material and search for a Bass Player. More information coming soon, so keep your eyes open for it from your local Rock and Metal sources. It's going to be heavy ;)

Cheers guys,

Jon, Phil (and for the final time) Hector, Reece