(N) Press Release: The Apparent Confirmation of Roadrunner Records Europe's Closure

Anyone browsing the internet today will have no doubt noticed the buzz surrounding the rumours and speculation regarding the possible closure of prominent record label Roadrunner Records’ European divisions. This news has since apparently been confirmed on micro-blogging site Twitter (as reported by our friends at Valkyrian Music) by a series of Tweets from the account of Kristen Sprinks, Roadrunner Records publicist (@hellinhighheels).

The Tweets, which appear to be responses to other Tweets, state:

“It’s true we are all out of a job”
“No, I have not written a press release about our office closing, for those folks asking.”

The closure of the European offices of the label, which boasts bands such as Trivium and KISS on its rosters, comes as a shock especially after the recently struck a partnership with OWJO, the Dublin start-up specialising in simplifying ecommerce. With the cancellation of Sonisphere 2012 this news is another blow to heavy metal scene.

The label, owned by Warner Music Group, was founded in 1980 and has remained a constant driving force in the world of alternative music - winning Metal Hammer’s Golden God award for ‘Best Metal Label’ several times. In 2006 Warner purchased 73.5% in shares giving them a majority stake, acquiring the remaining stock in 2010.

The team would like to express their sympathies for all the staff of the European divisions of Roadrunner, and wish them all the best for their future; as well as all of the label’s fantastic bands. We will keep you all updated as more news becomes available.