Bastrad @ Stereo, York 31.03.12

By Laura Louise Mountford

Hosted in the small back room at the well-known rock pub Stereo in York, the room is almost full of people waiting to see the line up on offer. Bastrad are the second on the bill tonight which includes Lost Effect, Mantra and the head liners Beyond All Reason.

Despite a slight technical fault with the lead guitar during their opening song 'Adios', the band continued to play unhindered, whilst lead guitarist Lee quickly dealt with the problem. The band then came back swinging as they melted into the upbeat and catchy 'Drive' with some of the crowd singing along with Tristan and Martin's vocals.

'A Thousand Tears of Pain' showcased the band’s darker side with some heavy guitar work and throbbing bass whilst the melodic 'Lost In Mind' slowed the pace right down. During the dramatic finish to this song singer Tristan's voice slightly faulted, but he joked this off after the song had finished as having "a bad throat and the Lemsip isn't working".

The band continued to play a great set with Tristan's vocals back on form, and the band were engaging in a bit of camaraderie - playing on each other’s instruments and smiling and laughing throughout the set; one could see they share great chemistry. They ended with another crowd pleaser in 'Conformity Breeds Disease' ,which featured fast paced drumming and great roaring riffs. Afterwards, with much cheers and applause from the crowd, Bastrad then reluctantly left the stage.

Having seen this band before I can say this was another triumph for Bastrad who claim some of their influences as being the likes of Judas Priest, Metallica, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. I would highly recommend checking Bastrad out!