Mitzi's Revenge - Images (single) Review

By Ashley Bailey (with parts by Lauren Brooks)

Mitzi’s Revenge are one of those inexplicably popular bands. I don’t mean that in a derogatory fashion but rather I find it fascinating that in the local scene, where it is a rare occurrence for a gig to be decently populated, bands such as MR are capable of drawing in such great numbers; as though the band owns a grow your own Kate Beckinsale machine and are renting it out to the masses.

Hailing from York, Mitzi’s Revenge can be counted amongst the best hardcore punk acts in the surrounding locality. They actually describe themselves as ‘Demon-Punk’, but realistically all one needs to know is that their sound is a mix of hardcore punk and thrash. Recently they’ve been hard at work; writing and recording new material, and they’ve asked us to pass judgement on their latest single, Images (which is availble to buy on their page, I should probably add).

From the outset Images has a distinct familiar feel to their previous works, opening with an immediate immersion into the heart of the hardcore/punk genre; as strong, rhythmic guitar riffs roar with the force of a raging tsunami, underscored by Rich Goss’ characteristically ruthless, aggressive vocal style. The vocals still remain typically Mitzi’s Revenge, hence the overly familiar feel, but Rich feels angrier in his delivery; though I suppose pointing this out is as pointless as comparing a bear which is angry over political differences to one which is just naturally angry – they are still both going to fuck your shit up.

Interestingly the track appears to draw heavily from one of their older tracks, Red, featuring a similar progression. Images is a lot faster than Red though, and is quite possibly one of MR’s fastest tracks. The general pace of the song is that of a New York minute, slowing only on occasion; such as during the chorus of the song, which brings a slight lull to the rhythm as the guitar becomes slower, holding the notes with an ominous feel before resuming its original intensity. In my opinion this makes the chorus all the more powerful, as the mighty chorus vocals are repeated enough in a chant like manner that the audience becomes familiar with them, and this builds on their strength and potential for audience engagement.

The song is generally darker than an episode of Skins, heavily down-tuned and darkly ambient. MR do demonstrate that they know how to create a sinister tone; around the two minute mark, the song slows down and the use of the soundclip over the dramatic guitar riff forges a foreboding atmosphere, and from this point the song enters a crescendo of intensity which is evident in the slowly building guitar, and the low, almost nonchalant vocals which gradually increase in pitch and emotion to a growling scream as the song descends into its original rhythm. The build-up is absolutely superb, and one can picture a crowd of athirst metalheads watching and listening intently, finally letting all hell break loose once the build-up reaches its zenith.

One aspect I found particularly enjoyable was the fact the bass is very clearly audible, something that is quite rare on a lot of modern tracks. Simon’s twangy bass riffs, combined with Rich’s vocals, help to give the song a late eighties thrash vibe.

Images is most definitely the best recording Mitzi’s Revenge have put out thus far, and I refer to the quality of the entire package. It has been well produced, and when compared to the majority of their previous recordings the difference of the sound quality really does stand out like a healthy finger at a sore thumb convention.

Devil-Horn Rating (Out of Five): \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/