theFALLEN supporting Theory of a Deadman (24.02.12)

By Natasha Tolan-Smith

Going to see Theory of a Deadman with support from theFALLEN and The Crave in Manchester, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. After seeing Theory tour in November with Black Stone Cherry on the Alter Bridge tour, I didn't think anything could equal let alone top that; in these kind of gigs, the support acts are very often a let-down or still trying to find their scene and style. I will gladly admit that in this case, I was wrong; they blew my mind and the minds of everyone there that night.

York based band, theFALLEN were introduced to an unexpectedly unexcited crowd with a carefully calculated energy and vigour rarely seen by bands making a name for their selves. With their vocalist, JohnnyFALLEN urging the crowd into a mood I expected only to see for the final act, TOAD, their fast paced and momentous sound soon had the crowd turning into raw rock rebels and shouting for more. With an alternative and heavier sound, theFALLEN seemed to inspire their audience into continually wanting bigger and better things; I heard one metal head say "They can't possibly keep this up, they'll lose focus", and yet to defy expectations, they gave a more incredibly well put together and heartfelt performance than anyone there was expecting. With Johnny's incredible raw vocals combined with Richard and James' blasting riffs interlocked with steady bass lines given by Josh, upheld by Dom's breaking and upbeat drumming they absolutely blasted HMV Ritz and well earned their right to have played in a city where nearly all the greatest rock and roll bands have performed.

By the end of the night, seemingly effortlessly they had the crowd eating out of their hand; they controlled and moved the people there that night in a way I have only seen by bands who already have a massive and solid fanbase where they are playing.

This band gave their heart and soul to the crowd on Friday with some serious attitude and in return I'm sure they will have gained much support in Manchester. These lads are definitely ones to watch, I'm sure they will continue to surprise us in the months ahead. Not only are they down to earth and nicest lads I've met so far, they're also by far five of the most talented guys to combine to form rock and roll and they deserved the reaction they got that night.

Their album Bury Your Demons is due out on release soon- I advise every self-respecting rock fan to pre order it and especially listen to Judgement Day