Skysent Lu - 2 Seconds Late Review

By Natasha Tolan-Smith

Listening to Greek Hard Rock band SkySent Lu's recent album, "2 Seconds Late", my immediate impression when listening to first song, Bob's Adventures, was of an Iron Maiden inspired band; impressively rough yet well planned riffs combined with a rough, adventurous vocal approach by Nondas Emmanouil; and of course accessible and catchy choruses. SkySent Lu have drawn from the NWOBHM well taking influence from the likes of Saxon, Diamond and Maiden; and repackaging it will the emotion and imagination of Progressive Metal bands such as Dream Theatre and QueensRyche.

The resulting sound will appeal to any typical hard rock fans and surely draw in fans from the more bon vivant metal fan. 2 Seconds Late is generally well put together, with a steady rhythm guitar, roaring yet smooth lead guitar, from Christos Spyropoulos and Costas Karapetsas; the quality of the album's production is extremely high and a lot of effort has been put into making the overall package standout with an eye catching Rene Magritte esque surrealist cover.

For me, my personal favourite was Follow Me purely because of the bass line (Stefanos Malliaros) that comes through in the verse, which combines with the lead guitar to create an exciting and extremely rock atmosphere which then, after demonstrating an uplifting solo turns into an upbeat climax to the song. A close second was Fairytales, with it's slow drums (Alexandros Varsanis) yet ripping guitar introduction leading into gentle lyrics and a strong build up to the chorus. It later shows off the bass yet again dropping off into a short and catchy rhythm guitar piece preparing for an interesting and talented solo to conclude the song. Few Moments is the best of the slower songs allowing Nondas to utilize a range of vocal styles - to varying effect.

The band demonstrates originality in their lyrical aspects and mostly manages to convey the meaning of their lyrics. On occasion, the album became a bit predictable and suffered from repetitiveness, although while not being particularly diverse in their music writing abilities, it is a great album to shove on while doing work or exercise.

Devil Horns Rating (out of five): \m/ \m/ \m/