(N) Chaosweaver sign to Napalm Records Press Release

Finnish band Chaosweaver, who are dubbed as cinematic extreme metal, have recently signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. Speaking about this deal the band had this to say;
”We are thrilled and honoured to join the Napalm family, the home of some of our favourite bands such asTiamat, Summoning and Candlemass. Cooperation with such a notable and capable label, which shares our vision, is exactly what we were looking for. With the help of our new allies, our dark symphonies will be heard all around the globe. Let the pandemonium spread like wildfire in an ocean of gasoline!”
Chaosweaver have recently finished recording their second album, which is due out sometime this year and will be released under the Napalm Records label.
Chaosweaver Media