(M) BIRI – The Frenzy of Things EP Review

By Lauren Brooks
The opening track of The Frenzy of Things, entitled Eyes Through a Window, begins with a slow guitar rhythm and steady drums beats before a delicious explosion into a more fast-paced and driven piece. The vocal style exhibited is reminiscent of the great Punk bands we all know and love, namely The Clash, but with a smoother and yet more lackadaisical feel. This works well in combination with the tempo changes that occur throughout the track, and provide an engaging and ever-changing song, while still maintaining the key elements of the track. Particularly salient is the break down which occurs around 2:00 and leaves vocals solitary before an intensifying drumbeat hails the return of the lively rhythm guitar. In essence, the song was an excellent choice for the initial song of the EP, showcasing BIRI’s ability to create a fantastic example of post-punk rock.
The second track of the EP, Captain Sugar, shows a different side of BIRI as it begins with a surprisingly psychedelic riff, giving a relaxed and dreamy feel. At around 0:30 the mood changes as catchy drum beats and frantic rhythm guitar kick in, providing a sudden and highly effective contrast. These are joined by a strong riff which is repeated in the choruses, and some smooth sliding vocals which continue on through the softer sections of the song. The track alternates between these two feels throughout until around 02:00, where a short, sharp drum solo leads into a different upbeat section in which the vocals become more energetic. The song draws to a close with a lull in which the rhythm guitar and drums seem to interact with one another amid some tense pauses. We then hear some well executed drums before a return to the familiar chorus, and the last we hear is the electrified riff. As a song, this demonstrates excellent balance between easy-going tunes and intense, foot-tapping rhythm, and shows both the lighter and heavier sides of the band.
Final song You The Tease begins with a light, almost airy tune from the guitar, accompanied by some low, slow vocals. The track livens up at the chorus, in which the powerful rhythmic guitar sets the pace; and gives the ideal background for the echoic vocals. This basic format of the song gradually transforms as the song wears on; the second instance sees the introduction of an intensifying riff which eventually wanders away from the basic tune of the song into a more meandering and chaotic riff. I love the metamorphosis this song comprises of, as it keeps the song engaging and surprising.
Overall, The Frenzy of Things is a good quality recording; skilfully put together and showcasingBIRI’s imagination and flair. A chunk of well-composed and presented post-punk rock with tantalising psychedelic elements. Particularly enjoyable are the band’s masterful tempo and mood changes which make for interesting listening. The Frenzy of Things is a trio of strong tracks, and while they did not click for me the first time I heard them, after a few listens their merits shone through like light reflecting from Archimedes’ death-ray. I look forward to BIRI’s future material, in which they have promised to incorporate more of the experimental/psychedelic aspects.
Devil Horns Rating: \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/