(N) Infernal Creation, Windrider and Ravenage 10.12.11 (Guest Reviewer)

By Valkyrian Music’s Nico Davidson
Before I crack on with this review, I’d just like to apologise to you [the Denim & Leather readers] for my delay with writing this. I’ve been ill and not had much chance to properly write it. Anyway, on the frostbitten night that was 10th December, three of Yorkshire’s finest bands: Windrider, Infernal Creation and Ravenage descended upon the lovely venue that is Hollywood and Vine for a night of metal and drunkenness.
Entering the fray of metallic goodness were none other than the critically acclaimed Windrider. Their bassist Halam wasn’t with them tonight, instead a replacement bassist named Greig joined their ranks for the night. The frontman Elliot was MIA at the beginning of the first song but dramatically appeared in time for his sections. Windrider performed a thunderous set with songs such as “Hall Of The Slain” that went down well with the crowd. In a few parts of their set, it sounded as if the vocals were overpowering the keyboard samples. The snarling guitar riffs performed by Lee were a definite highight of the show.
After a surprisingly short intermission, the second wave of a metallic assault came from Infernal Creation who were nothing short of impressive. Having aready seen them twice last month, I knew what they were capable of. The fierce vocals of Neiph blended well with the harsh and almost-demonic wailing of the guitar and bass. “The Angel Of Endless Hunger” and “War Is Worship” were the best songs of the set.
The final assault came from the Viking outfit Ravenage. This was the third time I’d seen them perform and they outdid themselves once again. Their strong orchestrated sound topped with the Vikingtastic guitar sections went down well with the sound, as did their mighty cover of “Drunken Sailor” which was followed by that good ol’ sing along anthem “More Beer“. One thing that surprised me about the set was their performance of my favourite Ravenage track “Ravenser“. I’d only heard it played live once before this night and it was, for me anyway, the highlight of the night.
Any show that has Infernal Creation, Windrider or Ravenage will always be great but when you have all three on the bill… Well, that’s a recipe for one hell of a Vikinglicious show that will keep everyone entertained! So, good readers, all I can say is that next time you go to a Ravenage/Infernal Creation/Windrider show, sit back, enjoy the show and have MORE BEER!