(N) This Means War

Hometown: Brighton
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Members: Danzilla - Vocals
Stefan - Guitar
Dave - Guitar
Lee - Drums
Max - Bass
Status: Active
Hailing from Brighton This Means War are a bit further out than what we normally focus on, but their new single Bring Your Own Shotgun is awesome and a must listen for fans of Lamb of God and Devildriver. It is a brutal assualt on the ears, ending with an interesting melodic bridge and solo. The omni-present diabolic drumbeats and thumping of the doublebass shadow over the entire package.
TMW describe themselves as "Imagine If every evil son of a bitch from history was in a band together, dressed as Mr Blobby, and wrote music so dark you didn't know whether to 'throw down' or 'throw up'. That's what This Means War are here for..." And I can't think of a more perfect metaphor to describe them. They are a promising band and one should keep an eye out in case they ever come to the area; the band has also recently released their well received (Terrorizer, Casket Records) self titled d├ębut album - currently available from Big Cartel.
2010 - This Means War