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(N) Spires, Incassum and Infernal Creation – 26th November 2011 (Guest Reviewer)

By Nico Davidson of Valkyrian Music
It’s not often that a Terroizer sponsored tour graces the city of Hull but when it does, you know it will be a good night. Such was the case when Incassum and Spires – Both of whom I reviewed last week on my site (Valkyrain Music) – came to The Ringside on That cold, quiet Saturday night that was 26th November. Mister Sister Fister and Infernal Creation were also booked for the show but MSF dropped off the bill last minute due to reasons I can’t remember due to my semi-drunken state mixed in with the dullness of having to sit on doors for the night.
Infernal Creation were the openers for the night and following the review I did of their new album for this publication, I knew exactly what would be coming the second they took to the stage. The vicious howls of the guitar and bass were heard clearly while the grim snarls and screams that are common within Infernal Creation’s music blended well, adding to the mighty set of brutality. The band truly ruled the stage and even if they hadn’t been active, they would have still dominated the show with their stage presence.
Incassum wasted no time getting to the stage like any band would. I stated above, I reviewed these guys (and gal) for my own site last week. I was curious to as whether their frontwoman Sharleen would be able to pull off her thunderous growls live. Surprisingly, she performed her near-demonic roars better than the studio recordings and her cleaner vocal style was very similar to that of Christina Scabbia [Lacuna Coil] but keeping a unique sound as well. Enough about the vocals though, as the music dserves some praise as well. Incassum’s riffs showed some brilliant melodic death metal sounds and influences without sounding too much like one band. Each song seemed to progres into a vicious minotaur of metal rushing towards the crowd – Who were extremely receptive of Incassum’s set.
And now for the main event – Oh wait, this isn’t a wrestling match. Anyhow, Spires were the headliners and they definitely are one of the most unique headliners you’ll ever see in terms of music. Infernal Creation had already told me earlier in the night that Spires are a band to watch due to their brilliant live sound and show. Their [Spires'] set created a perfect medium of progrssive metal elements and extreme metal with the all important vitimin B(rutal) thrown in there as well. While a few of the songs did feel to go on a little too long, you couldn’t fault what they brought to the stage – A brilliant sound and a great atmosphere as well as some masterfully written songs.
Though my ears fell victim to tinnitus for a bit after the show, it was a damned good one! Each bands played brilliant sets and hopefully Incassum and Spires will be hitting Hull again in the near future.