(N) Ravenage

Hometown: Hull/York/Driffield

Genre: Epic/Folk/Symphonic/Melodic Death Metal

Members: Glyn the Heralder - Vocals
Einar- Guitar
Dagstyrr - Guitar
Windrider - Keyboards
Eldgrim - Drums
Ragnar - Bass

Status: Active
You’ll never have seen a local band quite like Ravenage before, that I can guarantee. Not only have the mastered the art of theatrics by looking and acting like they have stepped straight out of a time machine, but they are also the masters of Epic Melodic Death Metal with Folk influences with a discography that includes such awesome songs as Shieldwalls Collide. Formed in the winter of 2007 the band made their live debut in Swansea, Wales, and went on to take the UK by storm with a number of nationwide appearances including Blood Stock Open Air.

After a number of lineup changes throughout 2009 and 2010, the band recorded their debut concept EP "Hadrada's Fall", backed up with a number of national and international festival appearances such as Gathering Of The Clans, Fires Of Rebellion, UK Pagan Pride Festival and Cork Winterfest.
Glyn The Heralder’s vocals are deep and aggressive and presents a presumably accurate portrait of how the heathens would celebrate their love of fermented fruit. Ravenage aren’t just go for war anthems and pagan celebrations, they can also produce some meticulous and melodic solos such as the one in “More Beer”. For fans of gang-choruses, keyboard solos and songs about beer. Check them out today or else they’ll get you.


2008 - The Ravenage (Demo)
2009 - Hardrada's Fall (EP)
2010 - Hardrada's Fall (EP) Re-Release
2011 - Fresh From Fields Of Victory (Album) Warhorns