(N) My Extraordinary Album Pre-Release

By Natasha Tolan-Smith
Some had their doubts as to whether a Newcastle based, four piece band would manage to make their mark on the Northern music scene, where so many bands before them have tried and failed. Judging by the anticipation and finally, the actual release of their new E.P today, they have allayed any and all fears their critics could have thrown at them. With their solid focus and a skilled, energy filled performance at each and every show they’ve performed at, My Extraordinary have managed what even some of the best bands fail to do- reflect their talent in a strong and diverse album.
Often with records, it’s hard to see the passion in an album without seeing the band live but with soaring introductions and steady guitar riffs, haunting yet strong vocals and popular choruses mixed with gentle piano, this band manages to make your spine tingle with nearly every song they’ve released so far. They have progressed massively since 2008, building their distinctive alternative pop rock sound. My personal favourite is their pre-released single, “Why Save The World” off their new album “Reality” which I would recommend to every person who likes YouMeAtSix, Kids In Glass Houses and The Red Suit Apparatus. I’ve found myself singing this song underneath my breath nearly every day since they released it as a taster a few weeks ago. It demonstrates well thought out drum buildups, one of their (what seems to be trademark) anthem choruses combined with strong guitar work, whilst the verses are seemingly gentle and appropriately based around the vocals. Judging by this “taster” alone, they will be well received by the music industry.
Newcastle has failed to provide any big musical talent since Maximo Park and God forbid, Joe Elderberry (if you call him talent) so I have high hopes for this band, with what I believe to be a distinctive sound, a steady fanbase and huge aspirations.