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Righteous Indignation, Scrimshaw, Fools to Favour – 29th July

By Thomas Little

This was a great line up for such a cheap event (as it was free), featuring bands that are more than capable of creating all kinds of chaos by themselves, but teaming them all up in one big line-up made for a great gig that I will remember for quite some time to come.

First band up was Fools to Favour, a band who haven’t been on the scene for too long but who are quickly establishing themselves around the Hull scene. With hard hitting riffs and songs you can chant to why wouldn’t you like these guys. Max the singer performed strongly with a powerful voice to get the crowd headbanging and ready to go for the rest of the night, followed by Jamie on guitar letting out some pretty great riffs for the crowd to mosh against. Although still only starting out they are filled with a lot of confidence, something which shows really well on stage. However bassist Alex, who didn’t seem to be with it on the night, didn’t appear to get much enjoyment from playing on stage, though a bit of stage fright and nerves are to be expected.

The second band of the night was Scrimshaw who hail from Lincoln, though we have reviewed them before they are still something different then what we usually see here at Denim and Leather. So who are they? They are a hard hitting hardcore band whose vocalist (Arthur) spends little to no time on the stage but rather on the main floor (quite literally at one point) and they get the crowd pumped with their continuous fast beats and relentless vocals. They are a tremednous band to watch, even just for the crowd interaction alone, the highlight of their theatrics involved getting members of the crowd to do beerbongs along to a drum roll.

When they performed the Sick of It All cover ‘Take the Night off‘ it was a treat for the ears and I would like to say that having seen the actual band perform the song live, Scrimshaw’s version was a pretty good cover and matched the original near perfectly. I was still bit ashamed that the crowd didn’t sing along but it’s to be expected from somewhat Hull’s scene. Needless to say even without the crowd going wild the band carried out their set with blantant disregard, with Arthur climbing the bar whilst still singing and balancing on a not so sturdy table. Also bassist Lee charging though the crowd to join Arthur was a bit unexpected and I was confused on where to stand whilst taking photos.

The third and final band was local metallers Righteous Indignation. This was a first time seeing them although I have been meaning to go along to one of their gigs for sometime now. Least to say they did not disappoint by delivering a set powered by pure adrenaline and quick beats you could easily get fucked up to. Even though the sound wasn’t great, which I was told was due to a faulty amp, they continued to play all their songs regardless and still successfully put on a great show. After the warm up songs and the crowd had gathered nearer the stage, the band was ready to take it to the next level with Joe coming into the crowd and staying there for pretty much the rest of the set except when going to grab his pint at the bar between songs. With Joe in the crowd the other members were free to run around the stage rock and roll style, and including a little Angus Young styled hop from guitarist Sam during the last song.

This was a great gig and had a pretty good turn out by the time Righteous took to the stage, which was good to see and is probably where the Ringside people went to after Merciless Terror finished (our last review).