(N) Incubated’s ’15 Minutes of Failure EP’ Review

By Shane Douthwaite
Incubated are a trio that take their influences from a very large span of different genres of rock and metal; and the songs on 15 Minutes Of Failure are a great example of that diversity. With a huge array of riff variations and long flowing bass lines set over some very impressive drum beats; as well as great vocal lines, this is a short but sweet EP that has to be heard. The album’s personel includes guitarist and vocalist Dave Runkee, bassist and vocalist Matt Kitching and drummer Dave Stones.
Opening track, Mould, starts with a stylish riff that would be at home on any Alter Bridge song and then carries on to impress as it turns into an Alt Rock styled ‘foot tapping’ anthem. At 3:10 we hear the opening riff return at the start of a short instrumental break; then at around 3:27 all comes to a standstill and only a gentle cascading yet repetitive piano lick is heard until it slowly builds and turns into the chorus. This track displays their great music writing ability and is the best display of their variation on the EP.
Next up is New Found Hate, a track driven by pure anger and emotion as is expressed by the way each instrument is played. Lyrics are spat through the speakers as if they were bullets and each thundering drum beat and crash of a cymbal is another outlet for this song’s energy to hit home. The sheer way of how this song can emit such force and emotion through audio is the reason it is my favourite on the EP.
Track No. 3 on the EP is entitled All I Know and shows the most divergence. The musicianship on this track is superb and almost beyond compare especially with such challenging tempo changes in places. But this track is let down by the vocal line during the slower verses. It fits perfectly over the full chords, but on the early verses with picked notes in the background it sounds droning and almost dreary. If it had a better vocal line that worked more effectively with both types of verse then this would have been a brilliant track, but as it stands it is one of the weakest. To finish the EP is the track Two Halves to One Side. Starting with a strangely timed chopped riff the song then moulds into the typical Incubated track; a stylish, well presented song with great variation and transitions throughout.
Overall 15 Minutes of Failure is a great example of what three talented musicians with an array of influences can do. It is also perfectly edited and produced. This EP is well worth your hard earned cash and the re-release it has been given by the band.
Devil Horn Rating: \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/