P on the Beach

By Thomas Little

Firstly I would like to mention that some of the bands that were supposed to play on the Saturday were unable to due to an electrical fault. My regards go to Heat-Ray and Fools to Favour who were looking forward to playing it up on the beach and were unable to, but we at Denim and Leather hope to see you real soon.

That aside, the line up opened up with York’s Metalcore infusionists Mitzi’s Revenge who turned up from York to open a pretty eventful weekend with their great performance. Lead singer Rich started proceedings by barging straight into the crowd and screaming his arse off as the crowd began to mosh; which was a captivating start to the set right up until the pit was interrupted. A sudden fight ensued as a random chav turned up to cause trouble. After a brief 10min break Mitzi’s Revenge was back on in full demonic force – this time with not just Rich rampaging about the pit but also guitarist Ryan creating an explosive atmosphere in such a little tent. Even as the set continued and the crowd started to get tired Ryan ran out the tent and provided a musical accompaniment to people emptying their bladders and those gathering around a candle for warmth. It was a fantastic show and I would personally recommend you should go to their show at The Lamp on 15th of July.

Up next and headlining the first night was another awesome metalcore band from York, RSJ, who set up within a quick 10 minutes. It was clear these guys meant business, armed with their instruments and a whole lot of stage presence. I thought leaving out their flight cases near the crowd was a clever move as it provided something for the audience to stand on, and even jump/flip off. As the set went on, they were used as a platform for girls to Go-Go dance on. Although there was seemingly low level coming from the mic, singer Dan was bloody determined to have his voice heard by shouting his lyrics with all the ferocity of a demon attack atop an elevated centre stage (another flight case). Despite the vocals being low, the hard hitting metalcore riffs produced by the instruments alone was enough to have everyone head banging and going crazy. It was a great treat to see these guys at such an event as P on the Beach and hope to see them again soon locally.