Hull’s Rock & Metal Scene – is there one anymore?

By special guest Darren Bunting.

It’s taken me three attempts to write this article and today I figured out why; I really have a love/hate relationship with the local rock & metal scene in Hull.

I love the bands, I love the gigs and I love it when people come and enjoy themselves be it watching bands or at Metalaoke or at a club night.

I hate a lot of things – how fragmented the local scene is, venues, bands and promoters seemingly working against each other, the local media just about ignoring the scene, bands not supporting each other, people not being willing to check out new bands (even at free gigs) and what I hate most of all is the massive sense of apathy in Hull (not just in the music scene I will add, it seems to permeate so much of our life and culture in the city – but that’s another article).

I did want to try and keep a positive slant on this article but the more I think about things the more I actually get annoyed. In Hull and surrounding region we have some great bands and nights but it just seems a constant slog to try and make anything positive happen.

We also have some pretty decent small venues, none are perfect but at least we have choice, we also have a lot of different promoters covering all sorts of genres even if they often make a loss putting gigs on.

I personally like all sorts of music and get involved with many different genres and scenes within ‘rock & metal’ and have met some great musicians and fans across them all and sometimes I wish I could impart my enthusiasm and theirs to the whole of Hull – we have the potential for a great rock & metal scene rather than the hit and miss one we have at the moment. If I knew the answer I’d be doing something about it.

I am not someone who constantly looks backward and claims it was better in the past but one thing that I do think was better and I know other people of my age also have the same view is that when you went out on a rock night it did not matter if you where into punk, thrash, glam, metal or hard rock, you would be all out together something that seems to happen a lot less nowadays with very little crossover of crowds between genres. To me music is music and I will watch and listen to what I want in whatever style and venue – maybe I’m a freak compared to a lot of music fans nowadays but I would have missed out on a lot of great stuff if I had just stuck to thrash & metal gigs when I was younger.

Basically what I’m saying I suppose is be properly ‘alternative’ and step out of the box you have put yourself in and appreciate or at least try something different, there is a good chance you will enjoy it and to bands, promoters and venues – how about trying to work together a bit more.

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