Sworn Amongst with Beneath the Eyes of Eternity & Fools to Favour 17/06/11 @ The Ringside

By Thomas Little

(First review of bands I’ve done and also first article for Denim and Leather, so I hope you enjoy).

To start off, whilst there were three support bands I turned up late (due to mate’s lack of planning) and I missed Fools To Favour. Although I still collected their free EP, I have yet to give it a listen but I didn’t totally miss out. Unfortunately this does mean I am unable to give a review on either their set or the music (so if you did see them, let us know what you thought). Full marks to them for giving out their EP for free though.

So let’s start off with Beneath the Eyes of Eternity, a hard hitting local hardcore metal band. They played a good set and it kick started the night for me, having missed the previous band. Not long after I had paid my entry to the gig and found myself a comfy spot to stand, I was taken out by a random surge of moshing from their many local hardcore followers; which was an amusing start to the night. The energy of the fans pays tribute to the fact that the core scenes are arguably the most loyal ones in the city. This being my first time seeing BTEOE I didn’t know what to expect and initially thought they would be another generic sounding Hull hardcore band. I’m glad I was proven wrong with vocalist Chris’s sharp vocals forcing me realize just what I have been missing from these guys, which makes it such a shame that this is their last gig as BTEOE. They are changing their name to The Colour Line, no idea why a name change is needed but I guess they have their reasons. TCL is going to feature a heavier sound, but whether this transition will bode well with their existing fans remains to be seen.

Next up was the ever energetic Heat-Ray, which allowed many people in attendance to grab a drink and sing along to the clear and powerful vocals of Chunk. Their set was just great to listen to and bang your head in a frantic rhythm in an attempt to keep up with the hectic riffs and solos of guitarists Dave and Adam. The pure adrenaline and fun of their typical set was especially obvious during their AC/DC cover, which I initially didn’t think would work out so well but was blown away by Chunk going crazy on vocals. They were definitely the most entertaining band of the night.

After a beer filled break came the headlining Sworn Amongst, the band most in attendance probably came to see. Though I enjoyed their set and appreciate the music they create, the best thing about these guys is that they are local and they have played Download; that must count for something. What I didn’t like was how towards the end of the set they kept mentioning every song was going to be their last song (or along those lines) and then proceeded to play another and another. I mean if you’re going to declare a last song, let it be your last song and make it count by destroying the place or doing something crazy like eating a bat. Still apart from that I enjoyed their gig but would like to have seen more people attend, as there were only 4 people jumping around in the pit; which is disappointing and just shows the lack of motivation in Hull metal heads that should stop.